Should Zimmerman sue Al Sharpton and other extremists

Discussion in 'Politics' started by philbloom, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Black racist extremists are sabotaging the innocent shooting of a potential black criminal in a peaceful neighborhood. The potential criminal was shot dead lawfully and in self-defense.

    A fund should be set up to help Zimmerman sue the pants off the extremist African racist troublemakers.

    If such black racist folk do not like our way of life, they should leave the USA.
  2. pspr


    He should print up wanted posters - dead or alive for Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakan. Just like the Black Panthers have done to him.

    Then sue them.
  3. :)
    I love good satire.
  4. Eight


    Democrats have to fan the flames of racism among blacks in this election year. They now have their perfect story! Fantastic! We wouldn't want blacks to actually get into the habit of participating in the economy and having private sector "good jobs". OMG, they would become Republicans! If that 95% democrat vote fell to 85% the Democrats would lose their deathgrip on the culture!! UNTHINKABLE!!