Should you Rollover Gold?

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  1. Now here is the thing that gets me. New Traders ask questions about how they should roll over when is the first notice day etc. When we respond asking questions about their personal trading style, either from ignorance or they are just plain rude, they go mute. Nada! Not a reply.
    Everything a trader does has at its base their time window.

    If we knew how long you held on to winners, (or how long you would like to hold on to your winners), we could help you with developing a rollover
    strategy. How can we help anyone develop a trading strategy when they do not have the common courtesy to respond with their “suspected trade window?”

    Looking at our Gold Volume, we see the second most active contract is December 2003. Leaving out the spot month the second largest open Interest is Dec 2004.

    If a Trader is trading Gold and they are trading window is shorter than fifteen (15) months. Just when do they expect to roll over. [​IMG]
    Just short or whatever you are going to do, to the December 2004 contract, and forget about it.

    Young Gold Traders need to trade in contracts that will have
    liquidity when you plan to get out. If you are trading small Gold Contracts but plan to increase your position. You can get better liquidity by putting on a regular Comex Gold and take the other side with two of the little ones. As your pyramid breakout points occur, lift one then the other of the tiny’s. When your actual time comes to liquidate you will be in Comex at the height of volume.

    Gold Traders do not really roll over, but if you think you want to. [​IMG]Wiest’s book has some excellent chapters that thoroughly cover
    all aspects of RollingOver contracts in commodities markets. Copies of Wiest’s book have been selling for $4.00 on Amazon.
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