Should You Daytrade?

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  1. Are you a successful professional? Doctor? Dentist? Accountant? Corporate manager? At the top of your game? Considering early retirement or thinking ahead to augmenting post-retirement income? Are you highly educated? Intelligent? Sharp-witted? Street smart? Analytical? Get lots of invitations to parties? Women throw themselves at you?

    Nope. Play golf. Fish. Take up tournament bridge. Or skeet shooting. You will be an abject failure at daytrading precisely because you are so successful. You already are somebody. You don't need to prove it by daytrading.

    Are you a n'e'er do well? Never held a job more than two years? Your few friends are losers and outcasts just like you? Women cry when you try to be funny and laugh when you are serious? Have two or more wives under your belt? Have an addictive personality? Read the DSM-IV and all of it seems to apply to you?

    Welcome, my brother, to the fraternal order of retail daytraders! You will be a stunning success! But only because you have failed so abjectly in life that this is your last desperate chance to be somebody!
  2. Good troll, but from an engineering standpoint, I'd like to voice the outlier case...... bored by the work place (my degree is just a license to hold a desk and a middle class income), seeking the satisfaction of the kill, and a real application for all those statistical & analytical skillz they forced me to attain.......

    This liberal civilization has taken the sting out of success. Daytrading involves real pain, which makes the pleasure oh so much more fulfilling.

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    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!
  4. :)
  5. More than 90% of the general population aren't even adults, from a psychological standpoint.
  6. 95% of all small businesses fail. You're up against very well capitalized firms that can lose infinite amounts of money and be "bailed-out". for 10% to be profitable under these circumstances actually makes day-trading a good choice.
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    NOOOOOOooooooo, do not encourage him to post his most and only line he has through the years here on ET.
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    more than 98% of psychologists are not adults from a psychological standpoint.
    more than 98% of ET posters are not adults from a psychological standpoint.

    therefore 98% of ET posters are psychologists(at least amateur ones)

    all above statements inc. the quote are nonsense.:D
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    It would appear, then, that we are all destined for greatness.
  10. just looking at your posts and patterns in posting
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