Should you buy or rent?

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  2. If interest rates are low you buy. The deteriorating in the value of the dollar will pay for the house. War mongering is good for home buyers. You don't need a NYT to tell you that.
  3. Way too simple. Doesnt include all the typical home owner costs, gym fee's, maintenance fee's, repair fee's, pool ownership fee's, that are all included in rent.

    Not to mention, to own a home in san diego, I have to include additional commuting costs, wear and tear on the car, gas, etc, whereas if I rent, I can live right next to work.

    In any case, depending on what % increase I put in for annual home appreciation, it tells me buying is better after 5 to 30 years.

    Pretty worthless. Gee thanks, I couldnt have guess a wild range like that??

    Also doesnt take into account the money you save renting, and the INVESTMENT return on the amount you saved.

    In hot areas like san diego, mortgage payments + taxes can easily be over twice the cost of rent.
  4. that calculator is crap, it includes only a fraction of the costs of buying / renting, not to mention that people have personal preferances. Like if you own, you don't have to deal w/ a landlord, but if you rent, you don't have to make repairs etc..

    There's a million more factors that go into the decision for buying or renting then that shit calculator.