Should Woods DQ Himself For Bad Drop?

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  1. What say you?
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    Graeme McDowell, who at 5-over missed the cut by one shot, tweeted Saturday morning that he agreed with the penalty, saying, “Take the fact that it was Tiger out of the equation and it is a fair ruling."
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    He should hang himself for arrogant attitude.
  4. Him or just all elite athletes?
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    Not all are as arrogant as him, but many of them yes.

    I flew a KC royals team member a few months ago. Think his friends call him "Frenchy". Super nice guy though and his wife is adorable.
  6. Woods and the Masters Committee are in a can't win situation. If Woods were to rebound and win the event, it would be tainted and his pursuit of Nicklaus' record would always carry an asterisk. If he does DQ himself, he makes the Committee look bad.

    Does anyone have the slightest doubt how Bobby Jones would have handled this situation?
  7. Agree. My initial view was he should have WD himself. (After all, it's always acceptable to "fall on your own sword for the integrity of the game", you know.) But as I listened to the commentary and thought about it, changed my mind.

    The officials originally saw nothing wrong with the drop. Then after a flood of emails, they decided to review. Officials were aware of the situation approximately 1 hour before Woods finished. What they SHOULD have done was take Woods aside to review the tape and explain... before Woods signed his card. Had they done so, Woods would have taken the 2-shot penalty and nothing more would have been said.

    Receiving the 2-shots properly penalizes him for the infraction of improper drop. He's gained no advantage over the field.
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    The two shot penalty is the correct penalty. Read rule 33-7, and review the competition committee explanation of their ruling. Also, the governing organizations of golf agreed with the decision.
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    I agree.
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    I believe part of the issue is Woods commented about his drop and that he knew he did the drop wrong at the time. He apparently made the comment during a press conference. Maybe he slipped up, or maybe he figured he got away with it since the officials had let it go up to that point.
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