Should Women Be Allowed To Vote?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Vista, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Just something to ponder on this Women's Suffrage day.

    Yes, yes, I know there's many intelligent women that are very informed on what's going on in politics and domestic & foreign issues, probably more so than I am, but c'mon lets face it, most women when faced with a daily choice of reading, listening to or watching something of importance like political news or information, which profoundly affects our daily lives, most are going to choose girly magazines, music and shows like American Idol, The Kardashians, The Girls Next Door, etc. Total brainless rubbish, these shows are.

    Countless times I've asked women why they voted for a particular person, or where they stand on a particular issue, and it usually comes out the same way. They have very shallow knowledge on the subject. I'm not saying they're dumb, most just don't have an interest in politics, even though politics affects their lives in such a huge way.

    Should we have a more informed voting base is what I'm asking?
  2. If we were to go down the blasphemous road of depriving of someone the right to vote, I would suggest stripping the right to vote off of anyone who thinks W was a great president or that FOX is a fair and balanced network.
  3. Most people just "vote their wallet", so politicos pander to that.... and of course race was a biggie in the '08, presidential.
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    Regarding federal elections, there is no right to vote. Maybe there should be restrictions put in place. Just an idea.

  5. I would suggest the exact opposite; anyone supporting the liberal agenda should not be allowed to vote as they are overwhelmingly sucking on the government teet. Given the ability to vote yourself more money is not conducive to electing an effective and efficient government.

    With that said, if any change was to be made, how about only law abiding productive citizens NOT reliant on any social services whatsoever be allowed to vote, regardless of party affiliation? IOW, don't work, don't eat, don't vote, period.

    As for Fox, aren't they the number one cable news network in ratings AND taking market share from the big three on a daily basis? Just say'un..........
  6. I'm with you. I don't regularly watch cable news, but it seems Fox is favorable at being truthful.

  7. Which is the exact reason the libtards are so hateful towards Fox; the truth hurts.
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    The same reason they want to screw talk radio. They can't compete. Most people want to hear the facts, not some slanted view of a reporter.
  9. Yes, those mushroom clouds and imminent danger from Saddam. How did that "truth" work out? What about all that anthrax that saddam was going to rain on US cities according to O'Reilly.

    Here is idiot Hannity touting the greatness of Bush economy 5 days before Lehman went kaput (starting at 2:25)

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    That is some "well balanced truth" there. You people are simply sheep nothing more.
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    I think that's a fair point, but we're using hindsight to judge.
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