Should Wolf Blitzer be banned from debates?

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    I agree and I stopped watching lou dobbs whom I liked before he went off on his own for a year or two.

    but I do believe he strongly influenced the national debate on this immigration stuff.

    He is probably saying - hey I might not be a great journalist but I am a heck of a editorialist.
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  2. LT701


    i agree with lou dobbs on most things, but i also agree with you that he is now an editorialist more than a journalist

    nothing wrong with that, but it's fair to cast him in that context

    just as wolf blitzer should be understood as the israeli lobby editorial
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  3. let's face it.. mainstream media has always been editorialist. when media is consolidated into 4 mega corporations it can only get worse.
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  4. I thought both CNN debates were disappointing. Blitzer is mediocre at best. The format was disorganized, and they had embarrassing technical problems.

    I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with the question about Iran, but I cringed when the candidates answered it. I think it's very unwise to speculate about what one would do in hypothetical situations, particularly when they are talking about nuclear weapons. In other debates there were hypos about what they would do after another 9/11 attack. Basically such questions are meaningless and a waste of time.

    I understand the idea behind grouping the top candidates in the middle and letting them hog the time, but it is grossly unfair. The other guys really don't have any leverage however. They need us to complain about it and pressure the networks to make it fair.

    I didn't really think any of the republicans separated himself. Romney was a little better than before. I liked the way he disposed of the religion question and the way he declined to take a shot a t McCain. I thought Huckabee made a fool out of Blitzer on the evolution question. Ron Paul, as usual, was articulate and thoughtful. Maybe they should have him ask the questions next time.

    Guiliani seemed more presidential. I sense that voters are becoming more comfortable with him. I appreciated him taking a stand that Libby was railroaded and should be pardoned. Tancredo was outstanding, both on immigration and what role he would have for Bush (none).

    I thought McCain seemed more on the ball than the last time, but he is annoying and patronizing. He seemed to be obviously trying very hard to appear likeable and genial, but he hasn't mastered faking sincerity yet.

    Fred Thompson was on Hannity afterwards and was impressive. I admire him for taking a stand on Libby. His major problems will be his unimpressive Senate career, his support for McCain-Feingold and his support for Bush's Iraq policy.
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    as much as i hate hillary, to her credit she looked presidential when she told blitzer to f-ck off on the nuke iran question
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  6. Libby is appealing his sentencing, and will likely stall long enough for the pardon. He does appear scape-goatish however. The civil trial will likely bring in the rest of the team with indictments. Just my guess.

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  7. LT701


    libby will be appealing to his cellmate

    very appealing ;)

    whatever libby's role really was, he's still a bigshot neocon who rode a team of liars that got us into a war

    i've got a heck of a lot more sympathy for the no-name 21 year old kid learning to live with a lost leg after coming home from the neocon's war

    at least libby's butthole will heal
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  8. Whether you are a conservative, liberal, independent or libertarian (or green, or hybrid, or whatever), the one things all rational and observant people should be able to agree on is that:

    99% of the U.S. media SUCKS.
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  9. jem


    I know a trader who made big money and got sent to prison for tax evasion.

    (Over seas bank accounts and all.)

    He did not talk about it much but he was dying from hepatitis last time my brother spoke with him. so I guess some buttholes don't heal.

    Nice guy in his fifties. Very sad story. (although he did seem a little shifty about finances).
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