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  1. I thought maybe the Books section could use some updating and refining. Perhaps we can also add some new categories such as Economics, Quantitative Finance and Investing... even though ET is a trading site? Here is a partial list of books that I would recommend that I didn't see (may have missed them) in the Books section:

    Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

    When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein
    Moneyball by Michael Lewis
    Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
    Barbarians at the Gate
    Ugly Americans: The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys Who Raided the Asian Markets for Millions by Ben Mezrich
    Every Man A Speculator by Steve Fraser

    Alchemy of Finance by George Soros
    The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    A Nasdaq Market Simulation by Vincent Darley

    One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
    The Essays of Warren Buffet by Buffet & Lawrence A. Cunningham
    Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham

    Steidlmayer on Markets by Peter Steidlmayer (first half is good until he starts selling product).
    The Art of the Trade: What I Learned (and Lost) Trading the Chicago Futures Markets by Jason Alan Jankovsky

    Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance by Paul Wilmott
    (Any other Wilmott and Fabozzi books)
    All About Hedge Funds by Robert Jaegar

    Freakonomics by Steven Levitt
    The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

    Thoughts? Recommend any of other books... there are certainly a lot others.
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    I like it, ok books will be added though out the week. Any additionals just let me know.
  3. perhaps we can also prune some of the books that are long term with no or few reviews. Obviously they have not gained traction. It should be a place of books people actually read, not a dump of every trading book ever conceived
  4. i am sure trading in the zone is there
  5. Just checked and didn't see any Douglas' books.

    My list consists of those I would recommend to others. I have over 5 gigs of trading books in pdf... so I've read a small fraction of them. But there is so much garbage out there. So much repetitive basic information (be disciplined and control your emotions bla bla bla is in every book), many custom-made indicators and even systems (buy when your custom made indicator converges with a 20-day moving average and 9-day RSI is 60 type of bs). It's sad people ever try to copy any strategy from a book published months/years ago.

    I personally enjoy the classics most.
  6. PLEASE put this book under Technical Analysis:

    Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals by David R Aronson

    amazon direct page:

    It is one of the few books that actually rigorously TESTS TA indicators and doesn't just regurgitate long-held beliefs.

    It is the book that newbies interested in TA should start with.
  7. And how about putting up a poll, rather than a couple of people throw up their lists? It should be based on ET collective knowledge, not a couple of people's ideas.

    Thanks for the suggestion to do this Monty, but lets do it right.

    Most trading books are a waste of time. ET should house the accepted classics and important books. There are thousands, and most do not belong here.

    And how about publicizing this effort on other thread categoriess to get ET involved???
  8. Poll sounds like a good idea. I didn't mean that my books should be put up... I was just using that as an example to refresh the Book section... a lot of them are quite popular though.

    I don't know exactly how to do this. A poll would constantly have to be updated... it is also limited to x amount of books. Maybe people can add titles to this thread and other members can give a +1 or -1 as a response. That could be difficult to keep track of though. Maybe it would be even simpler to have a book forum (wouldn't show up on front page)? We can each make threads about four books and a poll for each.
  9. People can start with nominating some potential books, and poll could follow. But this needs ET publicity, or will be hollow.
  10. Yup...

    Judging by the lack of posters on this thread... the idea is either not very good and is not catching on OR people are not aware of it in the first place.
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