Should we pay teachers more?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. It is an interesting question.

    Should we pay teachers, firemen, policemen, nurses, and others who provide care and service more?

    More than what?

    I don't know a teacher, fireman, policeman, nurse, or even a doctor who is worth spit who provides care and service only for the money.

    Those who only care about money, who are corrupt to the core, who have no social conscience, who will lie, cheat, steal whenever possible to make more money...they will get their reward for their narcissism.

    I think we should pay those who provide and are devoted with a passion to care for others a reasonable wage, allow them to live a reasonable middle class existence, not live in fear of losing their job, not worry about retirement, and anything else that truly prevents them from their passion...

    See, some have a passion for wealth, like King Midas. They are never satisfied no matter how much money they make. They get their reward for their greed eventually.

    Those who truly care about others, who devote their life to serving others, good hearted souls, who didn't go into their profession for money...are not looking to get rich.

    So, no need to give them wages beyond a reasonable middle class life.

    Assuming of course that we continue to have a middle class...

    So, no we wouldn't need labor unions if we just took proper care of the people who take care of our children, our sick, our poor, our wounded, our house in case of a fire, and our lives in the case of someone with a gun on a mission to kill innocents.

    Sadly though, without labor unions, these people will be abused and treated to slave wages by the Oligarchy...who of course can afford to hire private security, private teachers, private doctors, etc.
  2. Teachers keep pushing for electronic this and electronic that. They need to be careful what they wish for. Electronic education has put education in America down the toilet. I say get rid of all the electronics or get rid of the teachers: we don't need both.