Should we have holidays?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Ricter


    I mean the statutory kind. They're Marxist, really. Everyone gets the day off (well, not retail slaves and such) whether they've earned it or not.

    Shouldn't workers have to save money for their days off, and then get their boss's approval for a day off? Encourages a lot more personal responsibility that way...
  2. Personal Responsibility. Who needs that? We should just let the beautiful people in the government run everything so we can have the day off all year long and earn absolutley nothing.

    Those private companies that create an incentive for people to work for them with such treats as holidays and benefits are evil.
  3. dsq


    unions created the holiday known as 'week-end',min wage etc. not private companies-they fought tooth and nail against it.

    I guess you support 'made in china labor' practices.Typical gop kookoo.
  4. Private companies create benefits and holidays for people in specialized positions in order to attract talent. Of course private companies fought tooth and nail against giving benefits to the uneducated and unskilled. You know why? Because they are UNEDUCATED, have NO SKILLS and are in great supply.

    It makes sense that you didn't make that connection because someone like yourself with no skills and no talent will never experience a company actually wanting you to work for them.

    How do I know that you are unskilled and have no talent? I know because only the people at the bottom complain as much as you do about the system of capitalism. In other words you think it sucks because you suck at it.

    You might as well be a fat kid on an online forum complaining about gym class.
  5. dsq


    Been trading for 19years,longer than youve been alive and longer than youve been a douchebag living in your mothers basement.