Should we get rid of the Political Forum ?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by derektrader, Aug 22, 2020.

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  1. There is so much anti american, anti white rhetoric and its getting out of control. What invariably happens is the opposing sides constantly feels the need to defend our country and we wind up always one upping each other and creating revenge posts for lack of a better term. Many posters on the political forum dont even live in our country.
    I say we just stick to trading stocks.
  2. userque


    How 'bout you leave, and stick to trading penny stocks.
  3. No, you need me.
  4. destriero


    This dude is scouting elementary schools. 100%.
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  5. I feel like if I were a white American ( or an American of any type really ) I wouldn't want to have this Derek/Corky guy speaking on my behalf on any topic. He seems more late 1930s German in nature then American if we are being truthful. Let's be honest here, what Derek wants is a Politics forum limited to American white skinned citizens who promise to vote Republican the next election.
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  6. userque


    I believe you are correct.

    I think most realize derk/cork/et al. are all anonymous clowns and trolls, and post lies or half truths. They don't tell you why the facts they post are true (when they are true).

    Their targeted audience are dummies like them.

    Simply troll them back for shits and giggles, or ignore them. Trying to reason with them is ill-advised, imo.
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  7. Buy1Sell2


    The politics section is likely there in order to not have folks posting political spew in trading threads.
  8. destriero


    Trump's a rapist and molester (Ivanka) but what these fools align with is the racism. Baron allows it because eyeballs = ad-revenue. None of this bullshit should be allowed to contaminate other forums and the threads are typically deleted or moved to the pol-forum. The moderation has been good.
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  9. The leftists at ET would be angry if the Political section was removed. From what I can tell, none of them even trade at all. They are only here to gripe about the good people, the Republicans.
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  10. smallfil


    The greatest revenge on ET trolls is to remind them that they do not count as Americans and we could care less about them. Barring all of them from entering the US is a good thing. Tighten US immigration laws so that, they remain in their third world countries where they belong.
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