Should we execute tobacco merchants?

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  1. ...who sell cigarettes to minors?

  2. Everybody knows that coal dust is highly inflamable. Lighting up a cigarette when down a mineshaft is suicide. Might as well just put a gun to the miner's head.

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    You mean those drug pushers who cause death and destruction of over 300,000 people (and their families) every year. Be careful, because now you're talking about the serious drug merchants who just happen to have powerful Senate support and provide lots of jobs in the Carolinas, etc.
  4. it simply outrageous isn't it! to think that marajuana (as opposed to smoking it as i am), which is nowhere near as bad for you as tobacco, is illegal is beyond belief...
  5. Should bartenders who serve too many drinks to a drunk, who then drives home and kills some poor person, be subject to capital crime laws as he "conspired" to help the drunk achieve a drunken state?
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    That is a very good question....I dont think they should. In a small bar he may be able to advise or stop the flow of alcohol, but in a large club how can we expect them to oversee who is and who isnt drunk....peace
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    I think cigarettes should be illegal.

    Bob has cancer and heart disease that could be linked to his previous 3 pack a day habit.

    Joke counteract the nausea from chemo, they tell you to smoke joints! Because in Florida it is illegal to get THC in a pill.

    Go figure!
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    They have a warning label and arent supposed to be sold to minors...I think they should be heavily taxed to cover medical costs, but execute I dont think so. Tobacco has been around for centuries......
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    Can we put chewing gum next on the list?

    (ala Singapore anyone caught masticating will be hanged)
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