Should we blame IB?

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  1. I am not sure the downtime of other brokers. I remember there is a web site (can't remember the name) that lists the performance of the systems of many on-line stock brokers including Datek, Merri etc. Is there any such web site for the futures brokers? Before we compare their downtime, I think we should not blame or praise IB.
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    I have an account at IB, which I used to use for everything, but now only use it for slower options trades where split second decisions are not important. For what you pay IB is great, but every trader needs to make a decision about what they want and what they are willing to pay for it. I trade in a room with people with different brokers. There are brokers who have many more levels of redundancy and fault tolerance than IB, and who experience much less in the way of technical problems. Some of these also have ample client service staff so that you are never on hold...they even will stay on the line and read T&S to you when you call in from your cell phone and enter your orders for you in real time. You get what you pay for.

  3. Derek,

    Do you mind mentioning these other brokers. As I have mentioned before, I am in search of a new broker, and consider reliability as well as responsive customer service to be paramount.

    Many thanks.
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  5. I have IB for daytrade mini ES, NQ, ZN and Refco for other commodities + hedging if ever IB goes down.
    Refco charges me an expensive 20$ rd turn + 2$ Globex fees, but they have their 1 ring phone call policy.

    Cheers!! :)
  6. Although IB has many technical issues, it hasnt affected me too much except the red icon that keeps flashing.
  7. yikes, that ridiculous. i use refco too and its nothing close to that. last i heard they were offering intro rates of $3.50 a side, all in. the jtrader connection is extremely reliable and their telephone and customer service is top notch.
  8. @#$%@%!!!!! :mad:
    So all that time I was paying 20 buckaroos ?!!???
    Please tell me your commish, and do you have a minimum trade per mth? I'll have to talk to those guys!!! :mad:
    p.s. : I'm going thru' Refco's introducing broker : Gamma Futures.
    Maybe I should deal directly with Refco

    Cheers!!! :mad:
  9. I think it's Gomez that does the in depth broker ratings.