Should we be able to vote ET members and moderators "off the island"?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Port1385, Sep 23, 2008.

Should we have the ability to vote off ET members and moderators?

  1. Yes, we should have the power to vote.

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  2. No, Baron is da pimp and what he says goes.

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  1. I believe that whenever there is controversy surrounding a member or moderator then the general membership should have the power to vote them "off the island"?

    This is just a suggestion and only my opinion, but it seems to make sense.
  2. can we start with you?

  3. Your ass is the first one out. You can try and exile me with all your duplicate accounts, but you shall fail.
  4. Lucrum


    I sure hope so.
  5. I agree with the 3 chaps before me. It's unanimous, port1385 you're off the island...

    Rennick out:cool:
  6. The same general membership that can create dozens of alias within minutes to "vote"

    Give me a break JReynolds...:D

  7. The "problem" with voting off members, is that first - they can just come back through a proxy, even if they are IP-banned. Second, it's not exactly "democracy" to decide which babies to kill because you don't like them...

    You sound like the lord of the flies or something.
  8. Unless you ban a range of ips that the host provides. I mean, how many people are actually posting to ET from Melbourne and that one provider?

    Then you make it so you cannot post after registering for one week. All you can do is read.

    Then you simply have the forum engine provide a lookup on all users that have registered during that week's time, and filter out the suspiscious ones.

    I told you before, if Baron finally agrees to let me do it, it won't be such an easy thing for you anymore.
  9. Ivan, I think there is a reason why troll28 is still here. He's a funny dude and not that bad of a guy. Plus he brings in a shitload of page views which equal profit for Baron.

    Again, if anyone should be IP banned it's port155343531.

    Plus Jack Hersey has a fragile ego after a lifetime of failures. I would not know that fact had it not been for the heroic effort of T28 keeping us all informed, to the dismay of the Hershey minions.
  10. I have no love for Hershey. I'm just saying that there is a way to remove someone if it is really something that we want to do.
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