Should wallstreet give away all thier 150b bonus?

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  1. It would make sense. Wallstreet wouldnt be here right now, if the people didnt bail them out.
  2. spinn


    they think they are entitled to the money they stole......I bet even madoff felt cheated when he was forced to return the money he took

    no chance in hell they give it back
  3. No, because in this world, winner takes all.

    1 of the great priciples that make this world work is:You can do anything you want, provided you don't get caught
  4. What are you talking about?

    That's communism.:)
  5. Let's say you are a middle level manager at an investment bank, and you just received $300,000 bonus.

    Would YOU give it back?
  6. +1
  7. you're asking wall street to completely change it's nature

    'never give a sucker an even break'

    the people knew who they were giving it to

    and that's why they were 99% against it
  8. surprising how all those not receiving these us tax dollar paid bonuses all want to spend it on their causes or rescind them altogether.

    have you considered the feeling of all those workers, devoting all that overtime to their jobs, having earned those bonuses?


    and neither have I,

    just for humor, thought I would ask that question
  9. They should give all money back , they
    steal!!!!!!and it's called stealing. Insider trading , manipulation the fuck
    can you cheer for them.
  10. so long as it's humor, it's OK.

    but thinking it's OK to sanction complete avarice and greed is the bastion of the carelessly foolhardy ... they used to take people like this out back and shoot them, with absolutely no remorse.
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