Should US Pull Out of the UN?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dougcs, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. The UN Security Council today voted 11 in favor, 3 abstentions, to condemn Israel for killing Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin who led an organization devoted to exterminating Israel and Israelis.

    The United States vetoed the measure.

    Is this organization worth keeping around anymore?

  2. The US veto is the problem - not the UN Security Council
  3. I wish someone would identify a half dozen things the UN has done that benefit this country. It is generally hostile to everything we stand for, and our actions there routinely involve damage control rather than doing anything worthwhile. Beyond providing an excuse for third world sleazebags to come to NY and live large at our expense, I fail to see what it's accomplishing.
  4. Exactly!!!!
  5. Those sleazebags don't pay thier parking tickets either!
  6. Yes, how dare the US use its veto power? If there were any justice at all in the UN, Uganda would have the power to veto the US's veto to even the playing field. US vetoes are definitely the CAUSE of terrorism worldwide, and the US State Department should be added to the axis of evil ASAP.
  7. That's a problem with nearly all diplomats in nearly all countries - it's a "privilege" they have. Some of them treat it as a right to break the law.

    The UN is an attempt to have international law and order. Some like to break world consensus/democracy, others try to get some protection with the help of world democracy.

    Should we let the serbian-albanian conflicts in Kosovo just play out; they have been fighting for thousands of years ? It's a classical border between muslims and christians ... Let them burn themselves to the ground ? The US was pretty keen to withdraw from any commitment there, though.

    The same goes for Israeli-Lebanon border - let them have their ways - and hope they all kill each other ?

    In Africa - why don't they all just starve to death and get over with it so the US can finally get some more oil for those bigger SUVs ? I mean, Libya is a player on the international oil markets again soon, and the nigerians are becoming more and more fundamentalists. It would be nice with some cleansing there, no ?

    In Somalia they're so ignorant that they eat the grass of green fields, but don't know how to furtilize, or maintain, crops or land.

    Why did the US go to the UN with a case for war on Iraq, when it really just could have gone ahead and paved the country, getting oil to US markets quicker and cleaner ?

    Like Richard Clarke said: Bin Laden had been preaching for years that all the US really wanted was to invade an oil-rich arab nation and "pump them for the oil". Bush's policies and actions have probably made for better recruitment opportunities than any propaganda Bin Laden ever could have made.

    Finally, the US passed a legislative directive which made it possible for the US to rescue any US soldier from any sentencing or judgement with regards to war crimes by the International Crimes Court. Luckily the US justice system is the best and greatest in the world, as shows any track record in national or international matters - especially concerning times of war.

    It's a good thing that the US won't pay the debt to the UN, because it's best spent securing US borders, or making sure Iraqi oil will ease the pressure on the US economy.

    The US certainly doesn't need the UN in Iraq. Look where Iraq is now, as opposed to some decades ago - it's much better, and improving every day. The US is doing fine in Iraq, providing security for civilians as required by international agreements as an occupying force (but who cares about some minor incidents). Arab families and arab journalists have themselves to blame if they approach US soldiers and don't speak the lingo, or know how to identify themselves to US soldiers. Didn't they ever watch 'Nam movies ? Haven't they understood anything from all those leaflets dropped on them - showing the cartoons surrendering peacefully ? The kids are playing with munitions, and cluster-bomb remnants, don't they teach anything about these things in primary schools there ? At least kids in US schools basically knows how to operate 9mm equipment, and take control. How stupid can those iraqi civilians/terrorists get ? At least they get paid in full for any mistakes - in many instances several hundreds of USD. Look on the bright side, soon they can order a Happy Meal on McDonald's in Baghdad!

    Let's just brighten the sky around the world, because it seems "the world" is against the US. The US is the friendliest country of them all in international matters. Well, you gotta have some privileges when you're basically running the world.
    Soon Mars may become inhabitable; and the Earth is for losers ?

    The UN really doesn't deserve to exist. The US should have the last say in all international matters, or perhaps that'll be China in a few years time ?

    (some irony used - go figure :D)
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