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  1. i buy silver from an online merchant. however he has just stopped selling silver. he only deals with second hand silver now. is this a reason for concern. has he stopped selling silver for a reason (first hand silver at least) do any of you know whether there is any silver market news.
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    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in, but for now . . .

    I had heard (Bloomberg I think) that the supply of silver is determined in large part by how much the various mines want to pull out of the ground. In other words, it's not truly scarce. I mean it is, but at least one major parameter is how much of an incentive do the mines have to mine it.

    You could technically say this about anything but, let me try this again, in the case of silver, there seems to be plenty of spare capacity.

    From this I would extrapolate to say that if silver spiked up, you would see it come down fairly quickly since the existing mines would just up production.

    If I'm wrong, I'll happily be schooled by someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

    As to why your guy is doing this, who knows. Dealers are human too . . . well, you know what I mean. He may think he has the inside track on something and is hoarding. Wish him luck because I think he'll need it.
  3. Chinese are coming into the market as major buyers
  4. yeah i heard that. the thing that concerns me is this guy obviously knows a lot about silver and if he is not selling it and buying it could it mean the tide has turned and the value will go up.

    on the plus side my value goes up on the down side i can't buy silver at the price i have been.
  5. Find another dealer...only questions are type/quantity/quality/price over spot/shipping.
  6. Japanese love silver the most. designer Silver-ware & small statues should find good market there.

    broker comparison
  7. thanks for the tip off about japan. i know the chinese government told people to buy silver but i didn't know the japanese liked it. i guess they like anything that is saving it is their nature.

    do any of you know of any good merchants in england.
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    Just buy SLW you won't get ripped off on the mark up also.
  9. This talk of SLV/SLW...bullshit!!! You either have silver physical or you don't. IIRC MS lost a lawsuit about them having physical in their "vaults!" MS was charging for having physical in their "vaults," but really didn't!!!! Times is dangerous...have the physical foo' motha-fucka!!!! The Chinese and Japanese won't be stuck wid da foo' motha-fucka "paper" metals - just ask the Saudi Arabians!!!!

    -gns (gastropod news services) LOL!!!
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    SLW owns the physical its just in the ground. I never said anything about SLV. Lots of bull shit out there in the way of information when it comes to gold and silver which seems to atract the tinfoil hat crowd.
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