Should the surf report be re-opened?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Port1385, Aug 13, 2008.

Should the surf report be re-opened?

  1. Yes and allow marketsurfer to post what he wants.

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  2. Yes, but restrict these political discussions.

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  3. No, do not re-open the thread.

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  4. No and just go ahead and ban Marketsurfer

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  1. Just thought I might start a poll. Im not certain if EliteTrader is a democracy.
  2. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    You might, instead, consider a poll as to whether someone such as johnwifi, jreynolds212, or madder323 should be allowed to return as Port1385 after multiple bannings?

    I want to clear up your uncertainty. It's not. Nor is Microsoft or Intel or IBM or Google or eBay or any other business. Sorry for your confusion.
  3. If you look at my ip address closer, you can see that I trade for an entity in Ohio and there are many people in this room from different age groups. I cant help what the other persons do in this large room especially with the emotions that seem to run high all the time.

    My opinion is that you are being way too aggressive in moderation and on people you little know. In the end, you piss off lots of people. Thats not the way you make friends.

  4. Lucrum


    1) An opinion you're certainly entitled to but then opinions are like ass holes, we all have one.

    2)Maybe he doesn't want to make friends.
    Maybe he just wants to make money.
  5. I know that Marketsurfer was always respectful on the Surf Report per my readings. It is indeed bizzare that a Moderator would close the report since it brought literally thousands of eyes to this site. Very self destructive.

  6. Surf, surf, surf. At least try to disguise yourself if you're going to assume an alternate identity.