Should the government print more money to support the stockmarket?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Debaser82, Feb 4, 2010.

Should they?

  1. Yes, and fast, I'm bleeding here!

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  2. Maybe a bit more just to keep it stabile.

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  3. No way, they are bankrupting the country.

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  4. No, I am short.

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  1. Quick poll...

    Everyone and his grany owns stocks.

    They can't allow them to go bust a third time in 10 years can they?
  2. Where is the option for yes because I don't care about American taxpayers and would like to continue making money being long?
  3. Gov't already did!

    They gave money (at 0.25% yearly interests), to banks and they purchased stocks, oil, bonds, etc.

    The question is will they do it again, when the market falls again?
    Its a difficult question, banks bonuses make it harder.
  4. No, they won't allow.

    "Dip buying has been consistently rewarded lately and it doesn't much matter what caused the dip."
  5. wouter


    Yeah that would be great! Imagine printing and circulating more money that would crate inflation and as a result stocks would have to go up so we would all have huge profits. Of course those profits would just make up the extra we need to pay for that loaf of bread. BTW we do have inflation in case you did not realize it. That loaf of bread used to cost 1.50 not too long ago, and is now almost $4. (or am i getting old already?)
  6. Lethn


    *sings and dances* Someone hasn't studieeeed historryyyy! Someone hasn't studied historryyyyyy!
  7. No, it will only worsen the economy.
  8. Buzzed


    Any artificial bubble pop delay is just that, a delay. It's better to let the bubbles pop sooner than later. There is no such thing as "too big to pop". Every ponzi scheme must meet it's end, including Social Security. Let's face reality, the stock market is a ponzi scheme. It has to reset from time to time.
  9. ken__0


    700 TRILLION hailmary's for you ....
    The underlying value of greed is very real and in play ...
    Greed never rests .....
    Greed is constant ..
    There for traders/opportunist and scum alike can earn a living 24/7.. :D
  10. pitz


    Instead of TARP, the government should have taken the $1T or whatever, and simply bought the entire stock market.

    That way, the bankers would not have been able to walk away with massive bonuses. They might have been able to re-capitalize their businesses, but walking off with bonuses would have been out of the cards, as all the banks would have gone bankrupt.

    The economy will not recover until the banks are nuked, and the financial excesses are flushed.
    #10     Feb 5, 2010