Should the FED lose its "Secrecy"?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by jjj1000, Mar 17, 2010.

Should the FED lose its "Secrecy"?

  1. Yes, the FED should lose its secrecy and be overssen by congress and the American people

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  2. No, the FED should maintain its secrecy the way it is now

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  1. jjj1000


    Senator Bernie Sanders: “As long as the Federal Reserve is allowed to keep secrets about its loans, we will never know the true financial condition of the banking system. The lack of transparency could lead to an even bigger crisis in the future.”
  2. Lethn


    The federal reserve should never have been established and niether should it have been politicized. Not even the bank of London is as secretive or reckless as they are with monetary policy.
  3. What exactly, pray tell, is "the bank of London"? Don't you think you should educate yourself just a wee bit more before voicing such strong opinions?
  4. LOL

    what is it with everyone here and the fed?!

    in comparison to other government organizations, fed is the only one that is functioning properly

    maybe instead of blaming the central bank and other banks, you should blame your fucking retarded politicians for being so stupid that the banks can use them to use you for their own gain
  5. Lethn


    Bah, sorry I got the name wrong not the bank of London, Bank of England :)

    The fact that I haven't been educated and have been learning a ton is the whole reason I can have strong opinions on crap like this in the first place.