Should the DOM have 10 levels

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  1. A Poster mentioned in passing the other day that things would be different if the DOM was 10 deep.

    "There is a reason the retail trader only sees 5 levels deep on market depth, what if you could see 10. Ahh, then you might catch on to the game that is being played."

    Since I am not a confirmed DOM player, I would be interested to read the comments of those Traders who are.
  2. I could not agree with you more. The game would be a lot more transparent which would immensely help retail traders.
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    would never happen, just like we can't see where the stops are.
  4. Can you expand on these comments saxon22.

  5. NO!
  6. CBOT already shows 10 deep
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    fearless, you have to understand some of us are obligated to keeping our mouths shut from the legal department of previous employers.
  8. Some but not all.
    I am interested to hear from those who choose to expand this thread.
  9. Yup. And in my experience DOM volume is overrated, 5 levels, 10 levels, doesn't much matter.

    While there certainly is value to DOM volumes, the ability of the etrader to cancel/modify in realtime, coupled with specialized order types available by some firms significantly skews the usefulness... likened to what anonymous and refreshing capabilities provided by ECNs has done for stock instruments.

  10. Well I am with you Osorico.

    No matter what traders do, they have to pass through the T&S gate in order to enter the arena and I prefer to watch the action here. (obviously with a filter)
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