Should the bible be banned or editted for children?

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Should the bible be banned from reading for children or editted

  1. yes

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  1. The bible has violence, sexual content, anti semtic views, and content unsuitable for young children. So why does the government allow children to read a book with so much unsuitable content. The bible should be edited or not be allowed tobe read by children. Why isnt it. You have the family research council asking for bans on media content that is way tammer then stuff found in the bible. So why not?
  2. If you care that much write your local congressman and voice your concerns.
  3. The "bible" has been "edited" every generation since it's existence.

    Smell the coffee.

    funny how religious people tend to want all the R rated movies kept away from children, yet the most damaging thing to their mind is religion itself.

    the bible, koran, etc. are the WORST things in the world you could give to a kid. they're more damaging than ANY VIOLENT MOVIE OR ANY PORN VIDEO.
  5. yes, the bible is CONSTANTLY ADAPTING TO SURVIVE.. it's social evolution. also explains why it contradicts itself so much.
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    I have never seen any evidence of such, however, I do think it is common knowledge that the thing you atheists depend on, science, has done some amazing flip-flops over the generations.
  7. You see what you want to see, or what you're afraid to see.
    That's what the bible teaches.

    Be different and see whats in front of your face.
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    Your proviso to see evidence is more to do with science, not religion.
  9. pride goeth before the fall.
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    You mean like you science guys who were all atwitter in the 1970's about a new ice age, but now you are just so sure the world is going to burn up? No thanks, I'll stick to truth.
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