Should Rocket be in the Hall?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Dr. Zhivodka, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. If Roger Clemens admits to the 'roids should he still go the to the Hall of Fame after being the best flame thrower since Bob Gibson?
  2. Sure, so the next generation of 10 yrs olds can look to the hall of fame and say look, daddy, I want roids too. And some daddy or a mommy from the nearest modular home neighborhood will actually entertain the thought.

    The Rocket was on Rocket fuel.

    How nice.:(
  3. Yes. Put an asterisk by his name and a foot note. On drugs.

    Its not about achievement or sportsmanship, its about the money. Find a new way to keep score. Screw this role model crap. Kids are better off looking up to their dysfunctional family members/parents.

    Musicians are recognized with awards whether or not they are on drugs. Any kinds of drugs. Should be the same for sports.
  4. I watched the Rocket and Calvin Schiradi among many others.....many times at Disch-Falk...they were unhitable.