Should people with high quality DNA become sperm donors instead of starting families?

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  1. If I have a kid and/or get married, I take a serious risk of getting hosed for large sums of money, by the decisions of a woman (or women) whose behaviour I cannot (legally) control. Child support, divorce settlements, and alimony in many western countries are financially punitive and don't favour relatively well-off married men or fathers.

    If I respond by not marrying or reproducing, my DNA will die out. The human race will be denied the benefit of the contribution made by my offspring.

    Isn't the rational response then to become a sperm donor? Either officially, via donations to sperm banks throughout the world. Or unofficially, by seducing and impregnating various women out of wedlock, in countries without strong child support enforcement & laws.

    This way, the world benefits from having more people, of good genetic stock (assuming I pick healthy, attractive, and average or better IQ women with decent moral values), I get to satisfy my genetic imperative to reproduce, and I don't have to pay out the ass to finance some gold-digger's shopping sprees. Also, I don't have to deal with bringing up dozens of whining kids. What's not to like?

    Westerners don't reproduce enough. This seems like the perfect way to solve that problem. It does an end run around the absurd divorce and child support laws that make reproduction and familiy-building a negative-sum game for anyone of means.
  2. Still dreaming of a master race with visions of a modern day Johnny Appleseed...

  3. yes i beg of you. please make the sacrifice so the world does not lose out on your high quality sperm. the world could be set back generations if if we lost the contribution of people like you. its your duty.
  4. If I respond by not marrying or reproducing, my DNA will die out. The human race will be denied the benefit of the contribution made by my offspring.

    I'll just have to be satisfied passing down my spiritual DNA, kinda like the Pope. Maybe the word might be incorporeal. At any rate, I have thought about your point in the past and although I have good DNA, I'm taking it with me, sorry folks.:cool: :D
  5. Quote from Ghost of Cutten:

    This way, the world benefits from having more people, of good genetic stock (assuming I pick healthy, attractive, and average or better IQ women with decent moral values),

    So funny Cutten! :D But if you donate to the bank you can not know who take your sperm.
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  7. You are a truly unique being, right down to the last letter of your DNA code. You were made by your parents, who spliced their DNA together by having sex. They in turn were made by your 4 grandparents, who were made by your 8 great-grandparents, who were made by your 16 great-great grandparents, and so on. At each stage, those involved chose to breed with partners whom they judged to have the best genes to pass on to the next generation.

    Therefore, you and you alone are the unique product of a vast inverted pyramid of acts of lovemaking, going back millions of years to your earliest ancestors, at each stage aiming to pass on the best genetic material available.

    And you're sitting here reading and posting on ET, which means that you almost certainly don't have a girlfriend.

    Think of all the people you've let down. Loser.

    :)D nothing personal, just goofin around)
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    Cutten, unless your DNA has a mutation that benefits mankind I wouldn't worry about it. You're DNA won't be missed.

    Besides, there's a big rock headed for Earth and will be here before anyone figures out how to live on another planet. So, it doesn't matter anyway. The species is doomed without Heavenly intervention.
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    I am not certain that high IQ is a long-term benefit for Man. I suspect that the animals, with their "stupid", balanced if harsh adaptation to Nature, will plod along and ultimately outlast us. Remember, it takes a vast number of millenia to decide these things. There is something about the symbolic nature of Man, with its resulting feedback anxiety, that could well cause us to end ourselves. With the "death of God" and the steady deconstruction of all other systems, the existential abyss we're peering into, and the vast increase in our numbers, I see the possibility for a ubiquitious madness.
  10. Yes, the west has a very threatening demographic crisis that few people actually understand.

    I agree with the best, and most immediate response to this is to end the punitive policies societies takes against men who have children, and the castigation of women who chose traditional lifestyles.

    The anti western apparatus which has shaped our social policies for the last few decades has been punishing men, particularly men of any means for reproducing. It's been punishing alpha males, and discouraging women to breed via women's "liberation" theology. I have no problem with equal rights for women, I do have a problem with the castigation of women who chose traditional lifestyles. Our current system also heavily incentivizes women to get divorces.

    "Family court" has been the worst thing for marriage, and the divorce rate has skyrocketed since it was established. The best thing that could be done for marriage, is taking the law and government out of it... This would also immediately end the whole "gay marriage" issue.

    All these factors, plus the fact which we are financially encouraging people to have children who can not care for them, and discouraging people who actually can care for their children from breeding is a very dysgenic concoction.

    The anti western apparatus then uses the resultant demographic crisis to justify mass 3rd world immigration into western nations, and then encourages "multiculturalism" and "diversity", and anyone who challenges it is a heretic.

    Please note that freedom of religion, free speech, freedom of the press, freedom against unreasonable search and seizure, etc are all distinctively western notions, and their presence, much less a society based on such notions, is nonexistent outside of the west, with few exceptions.

    I think the problem would begin to correct itself if the aforementioned measures were taken, and the 3rd world immigration was stopped.

    As far as "eugenics" practices are concerned, if the participation in them is voluntary, then it isn't really any of the government's business. If not facilitated or mandated by government, it's private, and outside the scope of government.

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