Should Paulson, Bernanke & Cox Resign?

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Should Paulson, Bernanke & Cox Resign?

  1. All 3 Should Resign.

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  2. None Should Resign.

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  3. Paulson Only Should Resign.

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  4. Bernanke Only Should Resign.

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  5. Cox Only Should Resign.

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  6. 2 Out of the 3 Should Resign (Write In Who In Your Response)

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  1. Choose all, some or none.
  2. If people screw up, fire 'em, resign them, get 'em out. This way, all the people with experience and the lessons of making mistakes are out of the way and we can hire and replace them with new people until they make a mistake, This ensures us with a steady supply of people in charge who have never made a mistake. Good plan for mediocrity.
  3. They are just part of a failed two party antiquated system....

    The current system should be fired and replaced by a more capitalistic one....

    10% consumption taxes
    Governance by township

    The two party by advertising budgets is a failed system...if its not Benanke, Paulson, will be someone similar...with cronies etc...

    It is the system.....that has to be replaced.....

    Crony socialism or crony capitalism....both need to be aborted....
  4. Could you imagine the further turmoil caused if they resign right now?

    It would be amazing.
  5. Mecro


    I guess this is a tough concept, but let's try again.

    A) It's not failed it is accomplishing exactly what it is designed to do. Stop assuming your & your family's welfare are of any real concern to them.

    B) It's far from antiquated as the results show, it is actually quite successful. You and many other people cannot see past the Republican vs Democract, left vs right, conservative vs liberal. Divide and conquer. An ancient tactic modernized for today's times, but still works like a charm.
  6. Divide and conquer. An ancient tactic modernized for today's times, but still works like a charm.

    You got that right. hyphenated americans, etc.
  7. The second the story hit the wires that Paulson had gotten down on his knee begging Pelosi, he should have been demoted and posted as economic envoy to Iceland.
  8. lol. I loved it. nancy controls the money. Anything to make a sale (get your money). Now who is ever going to possible top that? A 700b sale.
  9. LOL yea that would be pretty bad
  10. I wouldn't say fired is the right word let on fire put on fire smoked and burned...since its totally irrelevant nowwe're going to have to start yelling at Janet
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