Should Patraeus Be Prosecuted?

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  1. This is fairly straightforward. He is still subject to the UCMJ, under which it is a serious crime for a married officer to have an extramarital affair. Outmoded? Sure, but plenty of officers have had their careers ruined under it. Some probably did time.

    I haven't seen any data, but I'd be surprised if officers under Patraeus' commands hadn't been prosecuted for this in the past. So he authroized prosecution of other guys for the same thing he was doing secretly. Not even all that secretly apparently, but that's another issue.

    The republicans were furious at Patraeus even before this for a seriously misleading briefing he gave them on Benghazi, which apparently echoed the WH's then line that it was all about the video. He or the CIA concealed other crucial evidence as well.

    His treachery may be enough to break the usual fawning deference republican congressmen give to the military brass. There may be other crimes involved as well. Did he lie to the CIA or whomever did his background check before he became DCI? Surely someone asked him if he had committed any crimes or was involved in anything that could lead to blackmail. Lying on this stuff would be a crime for sure, so it's not just a matter of going after a retired officer for something that happened during his service.

    I'm still waiting to hear how it was discovered, by whom and most importantly, when. All legitimate matters for congressional inquiry.
  2. No


    CIA boss David Petraeus forced to quit after FBI investigation found he was cheating on his loyal wife 'with married biographer'

    Former general quits after 14 months as director of the CIA
    Confessed to 'extremely poor judgement' in cheating on wife of 37 years
    Affair 'was uncovered by FBI investigation on biographer, Paula Broadwell'
    Broadwell is a married mother of two working on military PhD
    First met Petraeus as he visited at Harvard, where she is a researcher
    Obama pays tribute to Petraeus saying he made U.S. 'safer and stronger'
    Deputy director Mike Morell takes over on temporary basis

    CIA Director David Petraeus dramatically resigned today after allegedly having an affair with his biographer.

    The alleged affair was uncovered after the FBI launched an investigation into the biographer, Paula Broadwell, for allegedly hacking into the former general's email, NBC News and Slate reported.

    Broadwell, who researched the book 'All In' for three years, had extensive access to Petraeus in Afghanistan. Yet sources told NBC it is unlikely she will face criminal charges after the alleged hacking, stressing that Petraeus himself is under no investigation.
  4. No, he should be left alone.

    He was a good CIA chief.
  5. Nope. This man was forced out. Obvious.
  6. With Petraeus out the cover up is in full swing. Cover up is specifically the operation underway to arm al qaeda, the FSA in Syria, and overthrow the al-Assad regime. This is plan before Iran strike and war with US and Israel. Next is possible war with China over major oil deals with Iran.
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    No doubt Patreas is in some serious trouble. I also think he is the key to Benghazi Gate since he is the one person who may not repeat the Obama lies under oath to Congress. He has already given them a dishonest briefing but will he stick to the Obama lies under oath?

    So far, every Obama scandal has been met with operatives willing to lie under oath to protect the official story and an illegal use of Executive Privilege by Obama to hide documents. Petraes may be the one operative who can be compelled to spill the beans.

    Can you say, 'hello President Biden?'
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    Just another D.C. whore.
    Why are any of you surprised?
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    I highly suspect that David Petraeus (it is a difficult name to spell, brother AAA) is just another worthless shit who couldn't have ever made a living except off the government dole.
    His true colors have shown this to be probable, imo.
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