Should Obama Resign At Tonight's Debate?

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    By Roger L. Simon

    I won’t hear what I’d like to hear at the presidential foreign policy debate Monday.

    What I’d like to hear is Barack Obama resigning over Benghazi, the most extreme public mishandling of an attack on American personnel ever, certainly in my lifetime. If I (or most people) had been president and something like that happened on my (our) watch — and then I had lied about it myself while urging others to cover up — I would be so ashamed of myself I wouldn’t be able to come out in public.

    But that’s not what happened. In fact, the reverse occurred. The president acted as if it was Mitt Romney’s fault for ever bringing the subject up. And he had a willing co-conspirator in the morally stunted Candy Crowley.

    Obama’s outrage during the second debate even at being questioned on his response to the terrorist killings is one of the ugliest displays of narcissism I have ever witnessed from a politician and certainly the ugliest if you consider the ramifications of his behavior.

    That the mainstream media ignored this reaction is a testament to their enduring pathology. Or perhaps to a secret longing for the divine right of kings.

    But it doesn’t matter. If Barack Obama does not resign on Monday, his reputation will be destroyed forever, even if he wins a second term, because Benghazi will not go away.
  2. Obama must be put on trial for Bengahzi. Capital punishment, if appropriate, should be applied when Obama is found guilty of helping his Islamomaniac terrorist African brothers in arms.

    Nobama! Literally :D

    If you love the USA, vote Romney 2012. Boot the muzzie African illegal alien out of our White House.
  3. Truthfully this gross incompetence , cover up and then trying to use it against our freedom of speech is in the spirit of the law an impeachable event.
  4. I predict the extreme liberal Bob Schiefer will attempt to outdo Crowley in shielding Obama tonight, but the Benghazi situation will come up anyway. Romney will see to it.

    I expect Romney to have a devastating rebuttal if they again try to fault him for criticizing Obama on it.
  5. Schiefer is an old pro, but I suspect he's getting heavy heat from the MSM to circle the leftist wagons tonight. They know Obama is on the ropes, losing massive ground since the first debate, as evidenced in the polling data. Another bad debate for Obama, and it could be over right here and now. We'll see if he keeps his professional integrity, or caves to the pressure.
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    I think Romney should just say. Its clear to the american public we are not getting a full accounting. It is a serious problem when the adminstrations says things like this, the intelligence community says this...

    So rather than spend any more time on this now, when I am president we will accurate report to the familes and the american people.
    we will never blame a youtube video for our foreign policy crises.
  7. I hope so, he got caught off guard last time and crowley helped obama out, but he should have done something when obama called it offensive to question him or his 'team' (lol). I hope tonight he says something along the lines of "I can't speak for everyone, but I personally find it disturbing that this admin, and the CiC himself, stated in no uncertain terms to the American people - a completely false explanation about their fellow countrymen being murdered over a petty youtube video, when in fact they were murdered by terrorists, during the course of a terrorist attack. I find it much more disturbing that nothing has been done about it. Finally, it is insulting that you are even trying to deny any of this happened.. when it is all documented, contextual FACT."
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    The msm is doing everything they can to make it go away. And believe it or not, they're actually doing just that: making Benghazi go away.:mad:

    And anyone wonder why no one is demanding him to resign, or impeachment? It's because he's black. We aren't allowed to say anything negative about him, as that would be racist.:mad:
  9. jem


    Romney is winning.
    He has a 10 to 20 percent lead with independents.

    We we do not want him to do is lose his composure in a game of gotcha.

    We all know the President and his team are lying there asses off in some type of cover up.

    I am sure Obama is prepared to lie some more. He is very very good at it while still seeming very pleasant.

    So a lawyer would use the opportunity to get in a few points and move on.

    I think Romney should do the same.

    He risks alienating that massive lead with Independents.
    If he keeps that Independents he wins the election easily.
  10. That is the dilemma he faces.

    One way to go at it is for him to point out that they had a predator drone over the Benghazi attack. The attack was being monitored in real time. They let four Americans die rather than lift a finger to help them. Then lied about what had happened.

    Plus it was after the Ambassador had repeatedly pleaded for more security and the Brits, no neophytes in the middle east, had withdrawn their Ambassador over security concerns.

    Romney needs to hammer this and stay away from iran as much as possible. On Iran, he should just say talk is cheap and Iranian promises are worthless. Also point out how they have negotiated endlessly while continuing to build up their nuke program. Make Obama look naive and clueless, which shouldn't be too difficult.
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