Should name droping be allowed?

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  1. Generally, I would completely agree. However, in this case, if you read that post in its entirety, you'll see that it was a business phone number at the inn:

    According to the facts as they were outlined by austinp, the ticket holder had made a conscious choice to seek publicity, as part of the process of seeking prospective investors. Based on those facts, I doubt that he would have a problem with that info -- his name, the name of the inn, city/state/zip of the inn, business phone number -- being posted on an online message board, within the context of seeking prospective investors. In particular, we can reasonably expect that the safekeeping of that winning lottery ticket has been taken care of.

    Once the story hits the regional paper, it may well get picked up by the wire services and thus become even more widely available.
  2. I agree that in this case it may be okay as the guy seeks publicity and offers but in any other case I think the post should be deleted.
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    I just took out the personal info in that post. I'm sure the person who the post was directed to saw the original information anyway. Thanks for the feedback.