should most analysis be discarded as it is "too much information"

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  1. sosueme


    When I read some of the posts here, I wonder, should most analysis be discarded as it is "too much information"

    Most of our illustrious little group, despite being pointed in the right direction, continue on a fruitless search in the blind believe that the more complicated they make things and the harder they make things, they will eventually be rewarded by some mystical fairy for their efforts.

    Frankly, most posters here couldn't wrestle their way out of wet paper bag let alone make money on the markets.
    They do not have the slightest idea of what is required, let alone provide the goods to make things happen.

    However, all is not lost because some of my funniest moments are coming from here.

  2. Buy1Sell2


    Yes. Most analysis should be discarded. Thank you for your time--Ishmael:)
  3. sosueme


    haha You are one of the people that I am referring to. An habitual paper trader, without a clue of what it takes to trade real money..

  4. I think each trader should decide for himself what is relevant and what is not for his own trading through a process of observation, testing, trial and error. If he requires someone else to tell him, then that other person should probably also be doing his trading for him.

    However, for purposes of discussion, I think that the use of volume is best served by cherry-picked examples, while ignoring the greater number of false positives and false negatives. And while this makes for very pretty charts, it doesn't serve the purposes of day to day trading very well.
  5. sosueme


    The problem is that they never get past the concept that "more is better"

    They go chasing after silly shiny stuff dangled in front of them by failed idiots talking crap and hoping to pass it on either for money or for kudos.

  6. Even if you strip it back to price only, that is way too much for most on ET. I think a trader can add as much as they can use expertly.

    ET is funny as you say. Average traders that think they are guru's. Guru's that think they are traders.

    It's like feeding newbies to lions.
  7. sosueme


    Yes I agree, even price alone is way too much for the majority of posters.

    They have absolutely no concept of what they are trying to do and so of course they do not know what to look at.

    The AMT CD thread is a classic case of the blind leading the blind and since none of them have a clue where they are trying to go, the next best thing is to stick together.

    When their entire view is the ass of the lemming in front, then eventually they will all go off the cliff together.

    The reason why so many people fail is because so many people never really get going because they don't know where to go.

  8. jjf


    Well I must admit that when I first read this thread I thought it would develop into a huge fight, but you have just nailed most of ET without any resistance.
    Do you think that people realize you are talking about them or do you think they imagine you are talking about someone else.
  9. hughb


    I slip into over-anayzing from time to time. I used to keep a weekly market diary that took about two hours of my time every weekend. I still like reading market info though. I love the market and I love reading about it. However, nowadays instead of pouring over every little statistic and trying to apply it to trading, I just relax and enjoy it the same way a sports fan enjoys reading the sports section of the paper. I take the Barrons market data section with me to the bar on Saturday afternoons and read it while I sip wine. If I find something to trade, I make a note of it, but most of the time I just have a good read and that's it. Anybody who loves the market would love reading all about it. You will know soon enough whether or not it is fucking up your trading.
  10. dozu888


    this is generally true.

    not only there is too much analysis, but most of them go down the wrong path.

    market profile
    elliot wave

    market is made of live people.. just observe what the people are doing, what they are feeling.. you will get a sense of what they are likely to do next.

    trading is often compared to poker... if you come to the poker table armed with indicators, pivots, elliot waves, you'd be laughed at as the biggest sucker at the table.
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