Should moderators arbitrary closes their own threads?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sjfan, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. sjfan



    Should moderators be allowed to close the threads that they have started for no particular reason other than they "don't think there are going to be better responses"? None moderator members are never afforded such luxury.

    Obviously, abusive threads, threads that are ads, etc, should be closed and the moderator should have a reasonable amount of discretion. But it would seem to me that a moderator has crossed an (arguably very) fine line when he closes a thread that is civilized and merely calls into question the the validity of his original posting, which he posted in his capacity as a member and not a moderator.

    For reference, this is RE this thread:

    For the record, I think the moderator in question's action is a tad over the line but I certainly do not call for action against him. It's nothing that serious at all. But I think a clarification of the boundary here might be useful to the community.
  2. I agree .......... The thread in question should not have been closed. He didn't like the responses so he closes the thread, "my way or the highway" was his attitude.
  3. Lucrum


    I don't know what the dictators response will be but it's hardly the first time.

    Some months ago morganist deleted a thread he had started in chit chat, the thread theme was showing photos of members. So many thought he looked gay he deleted the entire thread.

  4. Didn't pay attention in English class did ya?? Your post has more errors than the Red Sox did during the 80's.

  5. sjfan


    Rennick out? ::shrug:: apologies for the typos;

  6. Joe


    If you would like a thread of yours closed, email me. This is not a problem and I do it for many members.
  7. The main problem here, is that a mod opened a defamatory (and ridiculous) thread against a long time SPONSOR - IB:

    Sponsors pay, Mods are free. But this one could cost Baron some money. Mods represent ET and their behavior can paint ET in a negative light for current, and future sponsors.
  8. sjfan


    Does the thread starter need any reason to close his thread by emailing you? I had always thought that he would need some reasonable cause.

    But if that's not the case - that any thread starter can close his own thread at his discretion - then I obviously withdraw my original objection. Instead, might I humbly suggest that you simply give each member a button/link to close the threads that he has started.

  9. Joe


    We ask that you provide a valid reason, in many cases a poster has told me that their question had been answered or that they made a mistake in their thought and would not like to continue further; the later likely happened in this case.
  10. sjfan


    While I disagree with the spirit of this as I believe threads belong to the community (and idealistically allow the less experienced members to continue asking and learning from the thread starter's question), I do respect that this is your community rule.

    That being said, my original objection is no longer valid. I request that you close this thread. Do appreciate your prompt attention to my query.

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