Should Men Care About Women Who Get Raped?

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    I grew up hearing how evil boys and men are and how the world would be so much better if we weren’t in it. How many times have I heard shit like, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. . I live in a world where women do indeed shame and demean men and this is sanctioned by law. I live in a world where 90% of women think they are too good for 90% of men.

    I am advocating men walking by. if I see an unknown woman lying on the grass covered with blood, I plan to step over her. American women have chosen to be dominant, and that will not change until they realize what competing and humiliating their protectors and supporters has gotten them.

    if a woman is raped, I will laugh at her expense and call her a slut and a whore. if she didn’t cause it herself? I will still laugh at her predicament, because she is ‘equal’ to me and every other feminazi that has ‘won her equality’.

    I am not moderate on this issue. If a woman wants me to be her protector and supporter, she has to prove to me that she is willing to treat me like her protector and supporter.

    It HURTS me to have to treat women this way. It kicks me someplace deep inside to have to walk past a woman in need and ignore or deride her, but she has chosen to be treated like the protector and the supporter, and I have not chosen to be protected or supported. She wants to be dominant, she can damned well pay the price herself.

    If I see some girl getting beaten and penetrated in the park, I will walk away quickly so that I don’t get arrested for ‘failing to render assistance’ (a law that is, I might add STILL IN PLACE but is only enforced on males.)

    Of course, the vast majority of rape allegations are false – even less reason to care.

    Should Men Care About Women Who Get Raped?

    by Advocatus Diaboli on June 15, 2011

    Have you ever wondered if men should care about any female being raped.. yes, any. I shall put forth my controversial but rational views on it, which many of you will probably find offensive.

    In my opinion there is no reason that a man living in a Westernized society should care about the rape of any woman.

    Note the word ‘reason.’ Shocked? Come on.. some of you must have asked yourself- “What is in it for me?” All voluntary associations in societies derive from some level of mutual benefit. To put it another way, people are motivated to act on things which affect them- one way or the other.

    In previous eras, strong intra-group social bonds made the protection of physically weaker members of the group necessary. Performing your role was also acknowledged and rewarded. Throughout history the vast majority of women never treated average men with the same hostility and open contempt as you have probably experienced. Nor did, or could, they behave in the manner they now do.

    Would you help, defend or sympathize with a guy who treated you with hostility, overt contempt and used you as a poorly compensated slave? So why treat a woman any better?

    What is the point in caring about the misfortune of someone who would never give you the time of day? Would helping her result in better treatment from her and society? Would she choose you over the guy who assaulted her? Is there any worthwhile reward, financial or otherwise, for doing your “duty”? An even bigger issue is whether that woman would help you in any form, shape and manner if she could. How many women care about the problems, trials and tribulations of men? Don’t most of them mock, shame and exploit men anyway?

    Does that change even if the person involved is your wife, SO, sister or daughter? Face it.. most of them would just abandon you if your life was less than successful- according to them. Rescuing them or caring about them simply does not translate into better behavior over the long run. If anything, they see you sacrificing yourself for them as your “duty”- one that has no worthwhile rewards.

    So why care? They have broken their part of the unwritten contract. You would be a sucker to keep up your end of the deal. Are you a sucker?

    Some of you might see this post as inhumane, but what is the point of seeing humanity in someone who does not acknowledge yours?

  2. Do you actually know any women? I mean real women, not the inflatable kind.
  3. The author should hook up with the woman who wrote the book "Everything is rape". Not sure of the exact title but it's out there and I don't care to look for it.

    This woman had a "rational" conclusion for every male action and defined it as rape in one form or another.

    "Oh he looked at me"


  4. One of the women in that picture has a sign that reads "cunts 4 justice". Good grief. Lol.
  5. If 90% of the men are like you saying the shit you are saying, can you f'ing blame 90% of the women for thinking they are too good for you?
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    I know what women are, just like I know that rocks are hard and water is wet. And I can exploit that knowledge regarding women to get what I want, just like I can split rocks to get gold and drink water to help cure hangovers. The most important thing is to avoid American or Western European women because they have been damaged beyond repair by the freedom men have accorded them. Then you need to start looking at venal love and where you can get it cheapest.

    Women aren’t rocket science, mysterious objects to be supplicated or catered to, or individual precious little snowflakes. At their best they’re barely tolerable sperm receptacles who add some value to my life. Until they don’t. Then they’re gone before they can harm me.

    Women initiate 75% of divorces and 100% of abortions. they replace classical, exalted story with drama, alimony, cheating, adultery, fornication, screwing their best friends, treachery, lies, dishonesty, backstabbing, treason, disloyalty; and then they call all this a “romantic comedy.”

    Under no-fault divorce, they have every financial and legal incentive to break their marriage vows, destroy their families and turn their children against their own father, and they pay no penalty for it.

    At some point, we need to take all their "rights" away of we're going to collapse, and America will be tossed in the dust bin of history. All successful civilizations, Greek, Roman, Persian, French, English, went down when men began to emancipate women.
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    90% of women have gone far beyond calling for indifference to the suffering of the opposite sex. In other words, they not only hate 90% of men, but are actively working to destroy their lives or drive them to suicide.
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    So what would you do if, after being married and having children, your wife suddenly divorces you, then has a DNA test showing that you are actually unrelated to your "children".

    Then she marries her secret lover, and the courts force you to continue paying a large percentage of your income in child support to a stranger's child. Forcing another guy to pay for some other man’s child, is indeed a form of male rape. That is money and time that he could be spending on his own seed.

    Feminists are applauding this situation. They blame the victim for having been unable to convince his wife to remain loyal.

    And this sort of horror is much more common than you might think. DNA tests are showing that many women's children are not related to their husband.

    Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

    It was in July 2007 when Mike L. asked the Pennsylvania courts to declare that he was no longer the father of his daughter. For four years, Mike had known that the girl he had rocked to sleep and danced with across the living-room floor was not, as they say, “his.” The revelation from a DNA test was devastating and prompted him to leave his wife — but he had not renounced their child. He continued to feel that in all the ways that mattered, she was still his daughter, and he faithfully paid her child support. It was only when he learned that his ex-wife was about to marry the man who she said actually was the girl’s biological father that Mike flipped. Supporting another man’s child suddenly became unbearable.

    Two years after filing the suit that sought to end his paternal rights, Mike is still irate about the fix he’s in. “I pay child support to a biologically intact family,” Mike told me, his voice cracking with incredulity. “A father and mother, married, who live with their own child. And I pay support for that child. How ridiculous is that?”

    Yet despite his indignation — and despite his court filings seeking to end his obligations as a father — Mike loves his daughter. Every other weekend, the 11-year-old girl, L., lives in Mike’s house in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Western Pennsylvania. Her bedroom there is decorated to reflect her current passion: there’s a soccer bedspread, soccer curtains and a soccer-ball night light. On her bed is an Everybody Loves Me pillow covered with transparent sleeves filled with photos of her and Mike, the man she calls “Daddy,” canoeing, fishing and sledding together.

    As the two of them prepared breakfast together one Saturday in June, just after L. finished fifth grade, Mike sang a little ditty about how she was his favorite daughter. A few minutes later, when he noticed L. sneaking a piece of raw biscuit dough, he poked her. She looked at him impishly until they both giggled.

    “Just because our relationship started because of someone else’s lie,” he said later, “doesn’t mean the bond that developed isn’t real.” Still, his love became entangled with humiliation and outrage, and each child-support payment stung so much that he felt compelled to take a stand on principle. In doing so, he also took the small but terrifying risk of losing his child.

    Mike’s conundrum is increasingly playing out in courts across the country, a result of political, social and technological shifts. Stricter federal rules have pressed states to chase down fathers and hold them responsible for children born outside of marriage, a category that includes 40 percent of all births. At the same time, DNA tests have become easier, cheaper and more reliable. Swiping a few cheek cells and paying a couple hundred dollars can answer the question that has plagued men since the dawn of time: Am I really the father?

    One hundred and twenty-two years ago, the playwright August Strindberg meditated on this quandary. “The Father” is the story of a cavalry captain whose wife hints that he might not be the father of the daughter he adores. Consumed with doubt, he rages at his wife: “I have worked and slaved for you, your child, your mother, your servants . . . because I thought myself the father of your child. This is the commonest kind of theft, the most brutal slavery. I have had 17 years of penal servitude and have been innocent.”

    Without a biological tie, the captain cries, his paternal love is without foundation. But even as he laments that his daughter may not be his, the captain seeks consolation from his childhood nursemaid. With his mind unraveling, he rests his head in her lap and speaks of the comfort of “mother” — because that was the nursemaid’s role, biology notwithstanding.

    Strindberg never reveals whether the captain’s fears were justified, and perhaps the answer doesn’t matter. As long as the captain believed he had a biological link to his child, their relationship was meaningful. It is that link, or perhaps the fear of its absence, that drives men today to DNA tests.

    Over the last decade, the number of paternity tests taken every year jumped 64 percent, to more than 400,000. That figure counts only a subset of tests — those that are admissible in court and thus require an unbiased tester and a documented chain of possession from test site to lab. Other tests are conducted by men who, like Mike, buy kits from the Internet or at the corner Rite Aid, swab the inside of their cheeks and that of their putative child’s and mail the samples to a lab. Of course, the men who take the tests already question their paternity, and for about 30 percent of them, their hunch is right. Yet as troubled as many of them might be by that news, they are even more stunned to discover that many judges find it irrelevant. State statutes and case law vary widely, but most judges conclude that these men must continue to raise their children — or at least pay support — no matter what their DNA says. The scientific advance that was supposed to offer clarity instead reveals just how murky society’s notions of fatherhood actually are.

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    Its true for 95% of western women.
    Their psyche is a destructive type. Described perfectly here:

    During my adult life, i've seen so many women of that type, totally possessed by their egos.
    In countries like Sweden, Norway, men already figured it out and are dumping their western girlfriends or wives and choose Asian girls on a massive scale