Should marijuana be legal in the US?

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  1. Over Christmas break, I met up with an old friend who recently got into some trouble. He was arrested for possession and intent to sell marijuana, and got like 2-3 months or something like that.

    Its stupid to outlaw something thats pretty harmless and grows naturally. Alcohol is the most abused drug in the world, and has killed more people than any war, yet it's legal?...

    What do you think?
  2. jem


    Whether you care about the morality of drugs vs alcohol or not the bottom line is we are wasting a fortune putting people in jail for pot.

    We could use the saved money to secure our borders.

    by the way, I do not smoke pot but I do drink beer.
  3. Pot has 20x the poisons of tobacco. Not good for your lungs.

    It can only help ruin the health of it's users which in the long haul
    will further increase health costs across the board. Health costs
    are so high a lot of people can not even afford basic health care now.

    It affects your driving and the workings of your mind.

    We already have the alcohol mess which is destroying many lives.

    Why legalize something that is harmful and will only add to these problems?

    So Johnny the pot dealer won't have to spend 2-3 months in jail?
  4. U sure about the toxin number?
    Links, maybe?
    And your aware, most pot smokers mix with tobacco?
    Your aware of the costs of incarcerationVs healthcare, and the reality dealers will likely deal to pay fines?
    your aware, the majority of pot smokers dont have significant problems with its use, over and above say alcohol, prozac or dexamphetamines-and in most circumstances, less?

    Are you aware you have TOFFs, a disturbing affliction affecting some 9% of the global population, a disease so virulent and disturbing as to directly effect the other 91%?

    You are aware, the entire prohibitionist approach is the singular reason their isnt better healthcare, or effective quitting programs , or the fact the odds of a released prisoner, who did not have any psychiatric illness on entering prison, having severe psychotic symptoms on release are in the order of 7 times the rate of any sample population?

  5. u go girl! u been owning this immoral thing on every thread. wtg.
  6. Legalize it and tax the shit out of it. Upside is another source of income for our government to steal for their pork projects. Downside is, that teenager of yours will be living with you until he's 40.:p He'll have a career as a paper trader/conspiracy theorist.:eek:
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  8. So that is where all these conspiracy theorist's come from...

    I knew something was making them paranoid...:p
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    There should be an exit strategy for the war on drugs. It's not going well if Marijuana is a $34 billion a year sector of the US economy. I am thinking that the popular support for the war is just not there anymore.

    Regarding scripture and drugs, excess use is prohibited, not just zero tolerance. All the culture has to do is start talking about how much is too much and try to keep people from using too much and God will be fine with it.

    I can get a very pleasant high from just second hand smoke so my limit is about one hit. I'm fine with that, it's not a contest to see who can stand the most with me.
  10. Pot is bad for you. It ages you just as fast as alcohol. It deystroys your brain cells, thats where that feeling of a "high" is from..... your dying brain cells. Brain cells do not regenerate. Its why one of the nicknames for maruaja is "dope". Alcohol also destroys brain cells.... but the dif is booze has been around for over 5000 years..... and has a huge lobby behind it... pot does not. I dont drink and dont smoke..... cause when i was little i didnt hang out with people that did. If you make it legal.... more kids will be exposed to it.
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