Should Kerry Resign

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Arnie, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Arnie


    Seeing as how Republicans have been forced to resign for less, should Kerry be forced to resign for insulting US troops?
  2. kut2k2


    No Repug has resigned for less. Delusional much?

    Kerry's insult was aimed at Bush, not the troops. But I agree that he thoroughly screwed up what should have been an easy joke.

    That's the problem with running for President in the middle of a mid-term election season: you forget which campaign you're supposed to be talking about.

    Kerry was supposed to be there for Angelides, so the target should have been Schwarzenegger, not Bush. And Ahhhhnold is a big fat easy target, if the Dems would just do the freakin' homework. Apparently neither Angelides nor Kerry did.

    If this kills Kerry's renomination bid, that's all to the good. The last thing the Dems need is some proven loser trying to regain his rep 4 years too late.
  3. seriously, after the president pulled this crap... what kerry said means nothing. wake up people.. don't act stupid your whole lives.

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