Should Joe the Plumber pay for Citigroup's private jet?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Port1385, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. It seems we are in crisis mode with huge companies trading at penny-stock prices and going to the government with a tin-cup in hand.

    Why are large companies even considering luxury purchases at this stage in the game? Citigroup wouldnt have cancelled the order unless it was brought to public attention. Meaning that Joe the Plumber would have paid for Citigroup's private jet if the issue had not been raised.

    The argument about safety at the airport or on a public jet is moot. There is a huge calvary of law enforcement at each airport and public jets have a much better safety record then their private jet counterparts.

    Have you ever recognized a CEO or celebrity at the airport? If you did, was there any security concerns? When was the last time you saw a fist-fight or a gun-fight at the airport?

    I have flown first class out of JFK a few times and was given the royal treatment. The first class lounge was very nice with more then what I actually needed and very comfortable.

    Why do CEOs have to go to so many meetings all over the world? Whatever happened to video conferencing? Whatever happened to the telephone?

    All I know is that if Joe the Plumber is footing the bill, then the CEOS should be made to fly in the same manner that he flies. Coach or even drive.

    Work hard Joe. The executives at Citigroup need more cash and first class simply isnt good enough.
  2. Message forums like this one were designed so that people can be made aware of the issues. Most people just go about their business from day to day without thinking.

    Many companies are laying off tens of thousands of people, shutting down locations and cutting back on services. No one is hiring and then when they do hire, its at a discount to last year's salaries. For the first time in history, the post office is considering a 5 day work week vs. the traditional 6.

    These are unique times not seen since the Great Depression. Should executives still be afforded all these corporate luxury perks?

    How dumb do they think the American people are if they want us to believe that commercial jets are unsafe?

    If people are being layed off from their jobs, then CEOs and top executives should be given minimal benefits. If they want to fly to a meeting, then coach would be appropriate. They dont need a company car to get to work. Security is not a concern as they are not exactly politicos. Bonuses should be given a rest at least for now.

    If the American populace is starving, then executives should be humble in their manner and ways. A luxury jet to fly to golf outings in Hawaii (Starbucks CEO) is simply not appropriate when employees are being shown the street.