Should it be illegal to discriminate in choice of sexual partners?

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  1. This is inspired by lozzer's thread on whether private businesses ought to be allowed to engage in racial discrimination in their choice of customers. His view is that it should be illegal to refuse to do business with someone because of their skin colour, and that the government should outlaw it.

    So, taking this principle to its logical conclusion, shouldn't it be illegal to engage in racial discrimination in other areas, for example sexuality? For example, the government should jail people who only sleep with members of their own ethnic group (or only sleep with people who *aren't* in their ethnic group), since this is clear racism. In fact, the government should make it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender too - refusing to sleep with someone of the same sex is about as clear a case of sexual discrimination as you can get. Someone's looks and personality are not inferior just because they happen to be a man or a woman, so surely discriminating on who you share you bed with is unethical and therefore should be banned?

    We can take this further and extend it to employees. It is clearly racial discrimination for an Asian employee to refuse to interview at and accept a job with the Aryan Brotherhood. Just because they are all whites and promote a racial segregation agenda, does not mean anyone has the right to discriminate on those grounds. Just as it is wrong for a doctor to refuse to provide their professional services to a member of the Nation of Islam or Black Panthers purely on political/racial grounds, so it is wrong for an employee to refuse to provide their professional services to the Aryan Brotherhood purely on political/racial grounds.

    And we can extend this to providing custom too. If it is illegal and racist for a business open to the public to turn people away based on race, then it must also be illegal and racist for customers to refuse to give custom to a business based on race. So it should be illegal to not shop at a store because the owners are a different race, it should be illegal to not use a doctor because of his race. The government must therefore track people's buying decisions and make sure they are not unduly favouring one race over another, and throw them in jail if they are practising racism in their private buying decisions.

    Finally, since lozzer says that racism is ok in private, but not in public, we have to close down all public clubs based on race. For example, ethnically based groups in the government (e.g. in the USA, the Congressional Black Caucus). Parties based on the rights of native americans cannot be allowed to exist. In Europe, parties representing ethnic minorities e.g. the Catalans and Basques in Spain, Romanies in E Europe etc, must be outlawed. India must ban all Hindu or Muslim political parties. The Nation of Islam and Black Panthers must be made illegal. Associations based on nationality e.g. the Finnish reindeer-herding society must be banned from letting the public into their premises, and not allowed to serve drinks to people.

    I am sure you will agree all these steps are necessary to prevent the evils of discrimination and achieve a just society. Good luck finding your same-sex ethnically diverse sex partner and working for the Aryan Brotherhood :D Oh, and don't forget - the Marxist Revolutionary Bridages have a right to your credit card business too.
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    Here is another one, i agree with ya man, civil rights activist have pushed it so far that most people dont even understand the original laws.

    Michigan Employee Sues Hooters, Claims Weight Bias

    There was another one i saw recently where a stripper sued her strip club cause the owner of aformentioned club fired her for being pregant. This is the america we are dealing with. Survival of the unfittest, you can be the biggest fucking loser known to man and still get a job.......

    God forbid you make the mistake of hiring a minority, or someone who is in the process of having a child, should that happen you are screwed, you may as well pack up shop and just quit your business..... look at low margin businesses, what does the guy making 3-5k per month NET profit Do, when a chick rolls into his business and gets pregnant, you really think this poor bastard can swing 2 full time wages at the same time?

    I dont support racism in business, in fact i think it is the only practice which should be outlawed, however we are witnessing lieberalism run amok.
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    It is funny that dems, who support a persons right to murder a baby are up in arms over a business' right to choose who they serve. Pro choice my ass....
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    "Should it be illegal to discriminate in choice of sexual partners?"

    Of course it should be and IS legal.

    (you eviscerated ZZZzzzz/optional7.777 in the other thread)
  5. How about Facebook?

    You get a friend request from someone which allows you to view their profile page. Perhaps you see something you don't like about them and you deny the request. Maybe it's because of their political leanings, maybe it's because they're gay, maybe it's because their pants are on the ground or maybe it's because all of your friends are blonde busty gals that only drink Jag bombs and this person is a flat chested wine drinker...

    Discrimination is nothing but choice.
  6. You fundamentalists who live in a world of absolutes know absolutely nothing about judgment and common sense, do you?
  7. Have you ever NOT bought something from a certain store because you disliked something about it?
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    Or refused a certain wine because of your "discriminating tastes?"

  9. The nature of your question only validates my earlier point.
  10. Well let's just say I have a roomy pigeonhole for azzholes such as yourself and no shortage of memory spaces available.
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