Should Israel strike Iran?

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  1. Better them than Us.
  2. They should officially and publicly put Iran on notice that the next threat to wipe Israel off the map from an Iranian official will be taken literally and that their response will be immediate and proportionate to the threat.
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    Any time in the next 24 hours would be fine with most people in the US I am sure.

    Actually, the current Iranian government came to power by outlawing moderate candidates. They did not come to power with a real mandate from their voters. They are also losing support because people are questioning the regimes' mental capacity. They could have a revolution, Iranians are ballsy enough to do it. Or the regime could get shriller and shriller while people were listening less and less and Israel could keep on fighting the Iranian surrogates and do a surprise bombing run on their nuclear facilities at some point. Without nukes Iran "ain't shit" as the good ole boys would say.
  4. The US should pick up Israels slack here and make Iran well aware that the slightest move toward a hit on Israel w/ their long range missiles will be assumed to be WMD and will provoke an immediate pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran. Should be a variation of the old MAD but instead would be Uni-Laterally Assured Destruction. I would even poke my subs up out of the water a few times to make sure they know they are there and ready to launch.
  5. Absolutely... OOOps... but we haven't been able to clean up the mess we got ourselves in Iraq... So, we should create another mess... so the klansmen have an another war to rant about. This hubris is disgusting. :mad:
  6. Why not turn the tables on Iran and create and arm some insurgencies to overthrow their government? An American or Israeli attack will only unite Iranians behind the current government. A few truck bombs going off in front of important mosques would send them a clear signal of the dangers of meddling. Back when we had an effective CIA , the Iranian government would have long been overthrown. Now the CIA seems too obssessed with Valery Plame type schemes to undermine the administration, leak secrets to the media and play politics.
  7. Does that give Iran the right to set off a few truck bombs in front of important churches in the US? Just wondering... if food for the goose is also food for the gander?
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    It looks like the Hezzies are going to bomb the shit out of Demona!! ( that means Demons way!! ) :D

    Iran supplies Hizballah with a battery of upgraded Zelzal missiles that can reach Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona
  10. Will be a nice psychological boost for the wackos to attack the same things here on the US soil where security is minimum :mad:
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