Should IB distribute Last/Volume data for IdealPro

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by local_crusher, Nov 15, 2005.

Do you want Last/Volume data for IdealPro transactions?

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  1. My last poll regarding a non-java TWS attracted many voters.

    This one is more special:

    Should IB start to distribute "Last Price" and "Volume" data for transactions on IdealPro ?

    Currently, they do not. Obviously to prevent competitors and other parties to know how much business they do at what time.

    However, I would vote they should now.
    In their own interest. If the volume is a nice number, they will attract more business alone with that.
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    it is meaningless as the IB volume is not reflective of the entire market.

    with you comment above, I'm curious how a high volume number will attract more business. I would think what counts tight spreads for size. ie. a 1 pip euro/usd spread 15milion up to me is a bigger selling point