Should I............

Discussion in 'Politics' started by acronym, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Rescind citizenship?

    Just another layer of bullshit bureacracy, i could do without?
    Not a big deal, but tryin not ta shout;

    Just'a more CRAP to deal with,
    that i DONT need-
    I ain't at no air-port,
    an' i AINT smugglin weed;

    not in papa-work,
    i DON' T unda-stand,

    I need mo laya's o' crap ,
    to teach me,
    who'ds da' man???

    Cooooooooz' i seen it all,
    aint no joke,
    tellin ya straight ,
    i could take ano-tha toke..........
    But iiiiiiiii seeen it all,
    i aint no fan;
    sound -bite bullshit,
    its all a scam,
    da mofo's
    callin da shots,
    should be in da can,
    but their NOT
  2. sure. go for it.
  3. Well, its my first attempt at rap.

    But this is serious, why do i need citizenship to a country, i might never be able to afford to visit?
    Particularly, when the singular reason i might not be able to do so, is because of us regulations?
  4. Do your IQ a favor and make it your last. You can't find a lower form of entertainment than rap.
  5. maxpi


    I'm always lookin at places to go.
    where da man don't hassle me so
    I make the long coin
    don't want no Uncle Sam

    with his hand in my pocket
    not my style I like to rock it
    I'm da dude what got it
    don't need no questions about some bullshit audit

    tell da man get off my back
    I'm not doing crack
    I'm chillin like a villian
    I find it fulfulllin
    where I chill, it's on my bill
    the man can't find me but my woman will
  6. reg


    The only rap song I ever liked was Blondie's "Rapture". All the rest are crap.
  7. Lol, the first version had "green eggs and ham" in it.
    I finally found an account, that i believe suits my requirements, and thanks to us citizenship, i wouldn't be able to trade many of the products available.
    At every turn, its a hindrance and another layer of pointless "stuff", onerous and unnecessary bureaucracy.
    An easy decision, i guess.