Should I worry that somebody will see my dick?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by shortie, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. You shouldn't worry, most people don't carry around magnifying should be fine.


  2. TheMan


    didnt you marry your sister?

    i would be more concerned about that if i were you
  3. no
  4. TheMan


    sorry i thought it was you

    someone on this site did

    my bad
  5. Maybe Shortie is like the group of scientists--small, but growing! Seriously, if I was working with an airline and exposed to this every day, I'd be concerned, but an occasional trip probably not. We're probably already getting bombarded with low levels of radiation anyway.
  6. :D :D :D

    i just knew there was HOPE!!!
  7. the judge would not marry us. he said: "It is better for the triplets to grow up without a father." not sure what he meant exactly...
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    Yeah, I love the TSA... they take my bottle of Poland Spring away during the x-ray phase, then on the "secure" gate side a Pakistani guy who makes $8.50 an hour sells me a bottle of Aquafina or Desani bottled water... my question is this: If I was al Qaeda, would I try to sneak in my explosive liquid through the x-ray rectal exam area, or would I just pay off the Pakistani dude at Hudson News shop at the gate area to pass me explosive liquid that he has smuggled in tiny batches to the convenience shop where he works.

    They are going to x-ray millions of people, and the next Osama bin Wacky is going to smuggle the explosive in his rectum the way drug mules smuggle drugs... after the next "rectal bomber" you're going to have submit to a prostate exam before they let you onto the gate.
  9. it is amazing that with a tiny investment Osama managed to hit the most powerful country in the world in so many different places.
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