should I tell my tale of trading---poll

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let us let APA tell his story, how he started, or lets not

  1. YES, cause you know it good

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  2. NO this guy is nothing but hot air

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  1. APA


    please vote on should I tell my tale 5 pages long

    on how I got started in trading (eating pigeon poo) and how I came to have the kind of superior results I have

    which made me somewhat of an ego man
  2. APA


    3 people voted yes in 1 min, well sounds good to me :D

    nah lets get more votes
  3. yes, let's hear it. how is your sister doing, by the way?
  4. APA


    ok I was a soldier in a small war in what is now EU, yeahh small war to you, cause you didn't participate in it


    we lost the war, and we lost all our property, hell we lost even history since it is written by the victor. Seriously we lost even history, so I had 3 choices, since I am christian and white person, they gave me 3 pretty good choices

    Come to Canada
    come to New Zealand
    Come to Australia

    Even US offered itself but when I heard that I need 10 years to apply for passport, I decided on Canada

    well I found in Canada bunch of my country men, they did their best to screw me, I don't know if you guys know that, but your own countrymen will be the first to screw you. But one of them told me he could get me a job as a personal driver of a wealthy man.

    more coming I gotta eat some oranges
  5. lol. prior alias?
  6. APA


    so I accepted the job, it wasn't an easy job, the wealthy guy was grumpy and of course perceived me as a slave. What made the job particularly bad was that the guy was of religion that I found distasteful.

    well after slaving me for many many months, his shop (one of countless) caught on fire. the boiler room was burning to ceiling.

    I was there to pick up bunch of stuff for the owner, and I saw all employees run out like there was no tomorrow, but without thinking, I grabbed the fire extinguisher and went in and put out the flames.

    as it turned out, if we waited for firemen, store and all in it would be gone.

    well anyway, wealthy man was pleased and gave me some money, soon after he started inviting me inside his mansion to help him with basic things like computers and prepping the balconies for parties etc.

    he was also pleased that I didn't want to ask for extra money when I did extra things like pick up slack that other driver missed etc

    well soon after I got insight that the man is day trading heavily,

    more coming
  7. Pigeon Poo, thats the filet mignon of fowl excretion. You should be so lucky! :D

    Looking forward to the rest of the story APA....

  8. APA


    to continue, so he showed me the ropes of daytrading, I was even there for his meetings with accountants and brokers. But the edge he was using could only work if you have lots of money, it didn't make terribly good returns either. So I thought to myself how can I take this 10 k I have and make serious money.

    after few years I found a way, and shared my results with the wealthy man out of my loyalty, to my surprise he was not pleased, he felt that I claimed greater wisdom that no personal driver should have.

    he didn't even want to use the refined edge but stuck to his inferior system, that's when I realized that I am smarter than this day trader, and if I had the same opportunity to day trade I could do even better.

    I quit my job and started day trading, the wealthy man and me never spoke again. I went on to BLOW UP, and what a blow up it has been

    more coming
  9. APA


    after blowing up (and did I mention it was a spectacular blow up) I went to the bridge to jump into the water

    but first how I blew up, despite having my edge I opened up account with a bucket shop. Oh boy what a headache they gave me, It was a virtual reality game under their control, first time I checked data feed from other places and compared it to my data feed, I couldn't believe my eyes, the bastards did the unthinkable, they simply made data up to run my stop

    it was incredible.

    so I went to the bridge to jump but water looked rather cold, and my balls shrunk in cold and so I didn't jump.

    I was homeless, I lived for a week under the bridge I was supposed to jump off. But I knew the stock market, here I was a genius of the market living under a bridge.

    well then seeing no way out, I took huge government loans to go to school.
    But once I received money for one full year and plus free grand money at the time, I canceled classes and started day trading again, but this time with IB, I even called IB to thank them for being an honest firm and not a bucket shop, the guy on the other line felt it was a weird call

    more coming
  10. With each pause to the story it looks like fiction. But so far you have me interested
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