Should I stay with TOS , or go to IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by tickmagnet, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. I love TOS , but problem is I use margin , and their margin is high.
    I trade 2k , 3k shares. I don't daytrade that much , so what would be the better choice. TOS gave me 8 dollars unlimited. IB's margin is very low , and commission is not bad for a swing trader.
    I'm thinking.
  2. I personally love TOS, don't know too much about their margin rules but I love TOS and i'm never switching. They're comming out with 2 huge updates in the next month. This week their having a big release with an imbedded robotic trading engine for backtesting and blackbox trading, than later in December their having another huge release that they won't even give details about. Since Ameritrade bought them their doing big things, If you want to switch I would atleast wait till January and see the new platform, if it still doesn't make up for the margins than go for IB but Id wait and see first what they're doing
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    What do you mean by better margin? Reg-T is Reg-t. Or is this about Portfolio Margins, where IB starts at 100k? Or was this a reference to better margin rates?

    If it is about rates, then you have to figure the cost of holding vs commission because your IB commission will be higher (flat rate) if you are doing 2-3k per trade.
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    "I'm thinking"
    how about a pencil and paper and/or spreadsheet?