Should I renew on Investools?

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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post here...

    I went to an Investools seminar about 6 months ago after seeing Phil Town at a Success / Peter Lowe event. I did not sign up for any of their additional education, as I thought the prices were outrageous and their hard sell tactics really turned me off. It was still a good experience as it got me actually thinking about doing something other than sitting on my $ in mutual funds in my 401k and IRA.

    I basically did nothing over the past six months other than some reading- just finished Rule#1. So now I am getting a little more motivated to put my toe in the water but all the software, strategies, etc... are all so overwhelming to a newbie. My subsctiption on the Investool site is about up and I can now renew for 14 mos for about $500.

    So I am trying to decide if it is worth it... It does have some pretty powerful features as best I can tell and trying to pick another service sounds like a chore to me. BUt I do realize they will probably be calling me every week trying to sign me up for training etc.. which will be annoying.

    So what advice do you have for me? Since I have already shelled out the $1500 for the Investools seminar, that is a sunk cost to me. I am not really interested in their ongoing education, I'm just trying to figure out if that price is comprable considering the features to other solutions out there considering I already have a comfort level searching with it. I am mainly interested in following the Buffett / Town Rule 1 strategy until I get a little experiance under my belt.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Steve Johnson
    Carmel, In