should I recommend my online friends to my classmate's fund??

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  1. recently my online friend, whom we never met, is looking for a job. the head hunter introduces him to a hedge fund, which is owned by my former classmate. Should I call my classmate to recommend the online friend?
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    if you think it is a good fit why not?
    what are your reservations?
  3. 1) since it is an online friend, i can not say i know him too much.
    2) he did not explicitly ask me to do.
    3) i do not know my classmate firm' job description yet.
    4) i am not so sure if he will fit there very well. his background: a current tenured professor in computer science in a local teaching college; also spending lots of time building models; i am not sure how good his model will be; had some experience trading Emini, using averaging down, then went broke; this year traded option straddles, up 26% so far. he wants to find a new job so that his kids can find a better place to study.

  4. No.
  5. +1
  6. lol :D
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    You mean a teacher's college? Why would a teacher's college have a tenure prof in computer science (which usually belongs to arts & science or engineering)

  8. do not know if it is teacher's college. i guess a community college where teaching is the most important, and research, though required, is less important.

  9. I think he means---- there are teaching schools and research schools. They can be easily identified by the professor's salary-- teaching schools are always much lower pay than research schools. surf
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    That's what a I figured... and I don't imagine community college produce any significant research.

    In any case, if you aren't even sure about this, why take the reputation risk of introducing this guy (who sounds a bit like a crank) to a guy you actually know?

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