Should I pull the trigger on American Airlines you bounce fools?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, May 21, 2008.

Should I pull the trigger?

  1. Pull it.

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  2. Nooooo!!!!

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  1. Come on bounce trade fools. Should I pull the trigger on American? Everytime it sells off like this it then bounces a little bit after. What do you think?
  2. I am all over it! You can thank the Fast Money donkeys for that run from 6.25-6.50 in AH.

    It is not going to $9 like last time, maybe $7-7.50 as a position trade for a week or two.

    Are you chasing it in after hours?
  3. so you want to buy just because it broke down again on horrible news?
  4. Robbie,

    This type of trade is risky, but has worked well in the past. Price sells down below the bollinger band. Usually when price is so oversold, there is a bounce.

    Now we are not saying there is a trend reversal, but we are saying there is bounce potential.

    I would be satisfied with a bounce to 7 for AMR and then be done for now. That would be 7-8% which I am quite comfortable making for a days work.
  5. I am not buying in AH I decided. Bounce was made from 6.25-6.56. I am laying off until I see the action on it tomorrow. If it's in he 6-6.23 range, I may very well take a stab. I like the stock I shorted today in UAUA as well to the long end as well...may have a better bounce in that one if there is a small oil correction.

    Obviously long term, the airline stocks are junk and fundamentely broken and strictly a quick bounceback play.
  6. i understand the trade perfectly....don't you think there are better long plays out there? you don't have to fight against oil, against a broken company, and a broken industry. and also...risky trades are not good trades.
  7. I dare you. Keep us updated.
  8. I'm sure you will have plenty of people who are willing to sell their shares to you.
  9. Last month the bounce was worth 30%.. Risky play but see attached chart.. worth a fish especially if it drops lower tomorrow.. Also October 2004 Low is 6.34..

    Bounce to 7.5 area..

    You go first..
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  10. Hard to ever find anything wrong with what the pumpanddumper has to say. Sold out of UAUA because long term the airlines cant seem to find the outside of the BK courtroom for longer than 10 mins.

    Wish I would have sold sooner but glad I dumped before the 25% drop today.

    Be extra careful trading for the bounces, sometimes they don't happen....
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