Should I pay $1000+ for trading seminars?

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  1. There are so many seminars out there that seem to offer powerful trading strategies. Is it really worth it to fork out a grand to learn how to trade or is it better to learn from cheaper sources such as books, and other free sites? What are your opinions?

  2. At first, I would recommend learning from cheaper sources. Then when you are more familiar with the industry, you can venture out and check out some seminars. At least then, you will be more informed and directed so you'll get the most for your money when you pay for the seminar that is right for you.

    In the meantime:

    The Professional Trading Tour sounds like a great idea and the price is right.

    You might also want to check out The Online trading Expo. They have a few different expos each year, in different locations.

    Those are two inexpensive ways for you to get familiar with the business.

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    EliteTrader has great book recommendations which are great helpers;
    nothing takes the place of years realtime doing.

    ''In all labor there is profit''- Solomon -trader king
  4. Seminars are usually 75% of marketing and 25 % of recycled trading methods and usually cost 1,900 +, definitely not worth it.
    You can hire trading coach for less then 2,000 per month .
  5. Pick a course you like, then post a want at in the Elite classified section. You may be able to purchase the materials at a deep discount or work out some other arrangement.


  6. I have an idea. Ask Magna for her advice and do the opposite.
  7. super_ego was on this forum 13 months ago and gave FREE instruction, MUCH better than a seminar.
  8. SCAM
  9. Has anyone ever seen this course?

    I've seen some of there work it was pretty insightful. Not enough for me to spend a grand on the course site unseen but pretty good all the same.

    If anyone has actually seen the full course or has it, post or PM me.

  10. Yes, I bought the first 3 volumes about 6 months ago.

    Started to read them, it just wasn't for me at that time. I'm sure that sometime in the future, I'll attempt to read them again, and maybe I'll be more interested.

    When I call them, they were very helpful.

    So, if you're interest, purchase the first volume and take it from there.

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