Should I not become a trader?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nitro, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Do you want to?
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    I don't know. ALl these questions of randomness on ET give me second thougts.
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    Lots of wisdom. thank gawd I am not blind so I can read all this good advice.
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  6. What are you doing now? Racing turtles across ping pong table?
  7. Nitro I wouldn't. Building portfolios for others gives you better cover and keeps your head in the game.~ stoney
  8. OP answer is HECK NO

    just by asking that question you don't have what it takes sorry
  9. only if you cant get a job as a greeter at walmart!
  10. If you are prepared to work nights and Pms so you can sit infront of your screen for six months watching all the free trials that provide a platform and charting and data. Then another six months sitting in front of your screens paying for esignal trying every indicator and moving average under the sun on sim mode until you cry in frustration from not getting it. Then another six months in various free trials of trading rooms rooms until you decide to pay for one that is reputable and you can start learning for real. Then another six months of trying to discover what works for you until you can stick to hard stops and targets until you can break even,. Then look for a trading system with apositive expectancy and paper trade it live for 2 months on three different indexes exactly as it should be traded. Look at your data and pick the setups and the market that works the best. then start trading real money. Then you should try trading
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