Should I move to Tradestation ?

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  1. Been with Interactive Brokers for auto and semi-auto trading using Multicharts and DTN IQFeed.

    Why the feed ? Because of the exhorbitant data feed rates for corporate accounts at IB. The big problem is: without the IB data feeds, many resources on interactive are not operative....for example, the Market Scanner.

    So I am now thinking of moving to the multicharts code is compatible with EasyLanguage for the most part.

    I haven't compared the commission rates....doing mainly options and futures.

    Is this a good move or not ? I am a former TS2000i user and programmer.
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    I have seldom ever heard anyone saying they are thrilled with Tradestation, mainly freezing, complaining of bad fills, can't get through on phone. Have you tried like Amp or Apex? I would call others to see if they take Multicharts.
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  3. NoBias


    In one word ... No ...

    If reliability is a concern, Tradestation is a non starter...

    Whatever you may possibly save in data rate fees, isn't worth the headaches and nightmares with Tradestation.

    My previous post
  4. I had nothing but bad luck with TS. But that was years ago.
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    Personally, I find it difficult to believe that a move from Multicharts to Tradestation is a move in the right direction, and if there's an incompatibility problem with Multicharts and IB, I'd be thinking about changing the broker rather than the platform. Just my perspective, such as it is ...
  6. Thanks guys for the feedback.
    It's pretty incredible to me that Tradestation's platform is not reliable or stable by now.
    After the TS2000i debacle where they couldn't fix it, one would have thought they have learned their lesson.
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    I believe in backups, having other brokers in case something goes down, but never considered Tradestation to be even a 3rd backup, so...
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    I agree completely.

    I don't understand why at all, but I think there's a similarity between trading platforms and complicated surgical/medical situations (for which the reasons are more apparent): "good gets better and bad gets worse", as they say.
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  9. In contrast, I've been really impressed with Multicharts.
    Their forum and tech support is superb IMHO.
    Each new release seems to bring-out some issues, but they get resolved very quickly.
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    Have you tried Technician app. Its pretty handy. I use it to Trade with my broker dealer.
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