Should I get reported to the SEC or...

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  1. I am the author of the bank run thread which I posted sort of in jest, but in a way I also posted it to reveal whats truly going on out there. People are lining up at banks to take out money. Not just Wachovia, but many others.

    There were several replies stating that they would report me to the SEC. Some of these replies appeared serious others were simply a joke. However, my post did no harm to anyone. In fact, Wachovia opened down 90% this morning and it wasnt because of my post, but because of how bad the bank was run. Management simply ran it into the ground.

    I was looking on Youtube this morning as I remembered some of Cramer's calls. Here is the guy you should be reporting to the SEC.

    This reminds me of Jessy Livermore's book where the traders constantly went back to the guys who gave them bad information.

    Watch the video. I used to look at Youtube as a gag, a novelty, to kill time. However, its a tool where we can reveal the true hoaxes and frauds of society.

    Why doesnt Jim Cramer get arrested? Why isnt he taken off the air?

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  2. Because money makes the world go round. Enough imbeciles watch him.. for entertainment and market ideas.. Paradoxically, traders that watch him to fade his ideas also contribute to his show ratings.. CNBC as a whole should be off the air as it is very biased and sometimes borders on criminal activity.

    Viewer beware...
  3. gobar


    because u posted a fake photo of wachovia bank
  4. dont worry about it.

    just dont do it again.
  5. what did you do that was reportable anyway?