Should I do this?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mustardseeds, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. I want to become a backed proprietary trader. I'm having a hard time getting anywhere with the phone calls and resume thingy due to little work experience and only 1 year college.

    American Express Financial Advisors will hire me to become a financial advisor, and in the process, pay me to get my series 7 and 55 licenses.

    They will pay me 7 bucks an hour for 3 months to school me to get these licenses.

    My main goal is to become a trader, not a financial advisor. Do you think this is a good route?

    Also, does anyone know of this specific career? They say their financial advisors manage money/assets by their third year. It's normal to manage 50 million.

    They pay 2k a month draw until you get commissions from selling/recommending products to their customers.

    Would this be a realistic carreer to take up to support my trading goals? Should I just get my licenses with them and split? Or should I be looking elsewhere entirely?