Should i do forex trading during night?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by innovest_11, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I'm doing day trading during the day, now I'm trying to trade currency during the night, is there any other thing i can trade during the night?

    I tried currency trading, been losing, it is quite different from stock, the trend is very strong, and there is sudden move, and in split second, u can lose a lot. Sometime, the sudden gap move happen past your stop loss point so fast.

    Been losing in forex trading, should i stop forex trading and focus only on stock trading? Any other stuff i can trade besides forex in night time?
  2. try trading FAS. It is one that moves after extended hours and I am not sure where it is traded to do so.
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    you didn't say wether you were making money from stock trading?
  4. Well, I have gained back all but 10% of my 401K since January after dropping 50%, by buying and selling manually and stay fully invested in stocks.
    Much is attributed to FAS stock trading but others I bought back in Feb did well too:
    FLY, AIG, MAC, HTZ, URE, APB (paid a $5 dividend in Jan 09).
    Big on dividend stocks too that did well, but these are getting scarce and questionable for reliability: FHI, AOD, CQP, MSB

    Have a TDAmeritrade acct for Daytrading and have been trying to set up StrategyDesk for automatic trading.
    It frustrates me that the Backtesting is so unrealistic compared to actual trading results.

    Ran tests using StoichRSI indicators that work perfectly when backtested. $10k results in 1 week returns between $1500-2500.
    Real time yields $500.

    I am looking for trading tools that can better correlate with backtesting statistical data.

    Please let me know if you have experience with TDA tools or can direct me properly.